Daniel Obal: Newspaper “forgives” ex-MP candidate after breach of contract

Obal Daniel. File photo.

Key points:

  • Obal Daniel got only 76 votes in his quest to become the Northern Uganda Youth Member of Parliament in the 11th Parliament.
  •  In early December 2020, he invited the publication’s Chief Executive Officer to discuss “Our support to his candidature” through “[commercial] digital ad placement and news content”

Lira – 14, February 2021: TND News has “forgiven” former independent youth MP candidate for northern Uganda, Daniel Obal.

The publication, represented by her CEO, Milton Emmy Akwam and Obal Daniel entered into an agreement on 10 December 2020 after “lengthy chats”.

The commercial agreement was to advertise Obal, promote his political agenda and make it widely known to the youth of Northern Uganda.

After a negotiation, both parties agreed on shs1m, a fee the young politician from the onset agreed to pay with “ease”. The contract was to end on 14 January 2021, with an option for renewal.

Via MTN mobile money, Obal paid shs200, 000 on 10 December 2020 – far less than the publication’s 60% standard pay for first pay by a client. But because of a good understanding and being “part of the publication” before, the CEO accepted his request to pay less that day.

Before expiration of the contract, Obal had promised to clear the outstanding balance of shs800, 000 first by 27 December. He soon chose 31 December and 5 January 2021, respectively.

After missing the above dates, on 3 February 2021, he promised to pay on 11 February 2021. But according to the publication’s CEO, the young politician “lied strongly” maybe because “he didn’t have it” or he “knew he would lose the election”.

“Dan was promising but arrogant as well. He indicated he had connections with the State; he said he would involve the deputy IGP in the matter, threatened to crush me, to have the publication closed by UCC for ‘blackmailing him’ and he was very serious,” Mr Akwam remembers.

“He told us to sue him for not paying and we were committed and underway. But, he’s a young man, he needs us. Secondly, the balance he owes us is ‘meager’,” Akwam told his staff and fellow executives of the decision to ‘forgive Obal’.

On 12 February, after TND News informed Obal she would involve her Lawyers in the matter, the young politician responded via an email with no remorse, he wrote:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, you are really amusing me. Now, I am not even sending it seems you are really taking me as albeit I am largely green. I hadn’t even seen this email yet. Let me wait for your lawyers then. For purposes of service, you can serve me at Gender Based Violence Victims Assistance Program, Plot 13, Shrine Road, Naalya Estates, or you can serve me with my lawyer Mr. Andrew Bwengye of Bwengye and Company Advocates located at Station House, 3rd Floor, Kampala Road, Do contact him in regards to any communication, and do not expect any communication from me in this regard. 

I will engage my lawyer and explore on my legal gymnastics with you. One thing, my mum does not wish to be part of this your missives and letters, she expressed to me her detest for your communication. I do hereby ask you to immediately cease copying, and or engaging her in this regard less legal actions to your detriment.

I hope this case will give you a great business essence of dealership. Let me see how your fine, ban etc gets effected. 

Collectively, the publication chiefs, with no consideration for the above response, agreed to: pause any legal actions against Obal while “wishing him only the best for the future”.

TND News is committed to serving everybody, anytime; the poor, the rich, including people with “all characters”.

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