EU condemns Uganda’s general elections: Why M7 ought to be scared

President (elect) Gen. Museveni and Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde who lost presidency. Courtesy/File photo.

“Strongly criticises Uganda’s harsh laws against homosexuality and calls for their urgent revision, together with a strategy to combat discrimination and violence against LGBTQ+ people,” EU Parliament.

Lira—12, February 2021: The European Parliament has released a series of resolutions and tough recommendation on Uganda government following the just concluded general elections.

Underscored European Parliament resolutions of the 11 February 2021 on the political situation in Uganda (2021/2545 (RSP)), the EU, among many resolutions “calls on the Ugandan government to ensure justice and accountability for all victims by carrying out impartial, thorough and independent investigations into the shootings and violence perpetrated by security forces, and similarly calls on the Ugandan judiciary to objectively and independently apply the existing legislative framework and take full note of the facts and evidence available; calls on the Ugandan authorities to launch an immediate independent investigation into the tragic events of 18 and 19 November 2020, where at least 54 people needlessly lost their lives at the hands of the police following the arrest of Bobi Wine, and where hundreds were injured, something that President Museveni himself has acknowledged, and to hold those responsible to account”.

In January, the government spokesperson, Mr Ofwono Opondo accused the US Ambassador, H.E Natalia E. Brown of breaching diplomatic norms and engaging in “mischief” after her visit to Bobi Wine was halted by security forces.

Mr Ofwono said US Ambassador should have written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of her intention to visit opposition leader, who at that time was put under house arrest, a day after casting his vote from Magere Freedom Square polling station in Wakiso.

Read the full report here:

Uganda government continues to tell off America and Europeans to leave her affairs alone. “It’s the arrogance of the Americas who think they rule the world,” Mr Ofwono said in January 2021.

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