UNAA president disowns report she’s working with NRM delegation in USA

UNAA President Henrietta Wamala. Courtesy photo.

“The situation in Uganda is an all binding situation. We are the taxpayers in the USA and we can’t stand a situation where our relatives or citizens at home are killed using the tax we pay,” Mr James William Mugeni, UNAA rep., Central Plains.

Kampala—4, February 2021: The Uganda North America Association (UNNA) is operating with confrontations after a sharp division by some key members who criticise top leadership.

The latest information is that a delegation assigned by President Museveni to meet some Ugandans in the diaspora (the United States of America) is dividing UNAA membership again.

In her letter dated 4, February 2021 and addressed to UNAA members, Henrietta Nairuba Wamala, UNAA president denies knowing any arrangement with a delegation from Uganda.

Her statement comes a few hours after Mr James William Mugeni had blamed her for welcoming the delegation under Hajji Abbey Walusimbi and Amb. Mull Katende.

“This statement is in response to the numerous questions and complaints that some members have submitted in regards to a Facebook message that was circulated by Hajji Abbey Walusimbi about a scheduled tour being held with the diaspora,” UNAA president’s letter reads in part.

She added: “We would like to clarify that the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) is not hosting or responsible for any such tour and that UNAA has not been officially written to or asked in its official capacity to be part of that tour and we are not responsible for any business that is carried out otherwise.”

The UNAA leader further told members that UNAA has a trade and investment program that has been in existence for 11 years and has been holding virtual forums where UNAA members network with various investors, loaners and business owners.

As a follow up of the trade and investment forum, she reminded members, UNAA held a webinar on SBA loan/paycheck protection program (PPP) and will hold another stock market forum (Wallstreet investment 101) next Saturday, February 13, 2021, at 3 pm Eastern time.

“We urge all members interested in learning how to trade or invest in stock to attend because we have two lovely ladies that will be giving you tip on how to invest, trade and expand your investment portfolio,” she announces.

Nairuba Wamala urged members to rely on “our official communications and avoid feeding into the false propaganda and messages being circulated by some few misguided and deranged individuals”.

Mr Mugeni, UNAA rep. for Central Plains told the publication that following his ever suspicions regarding UNAA leadership, and her closeness to Kampala administration is making some members (executives) to ‘threaten his life’.

His claim follows a statement issued by Moses Wilson to UNAA leaders in which he wrote: “I understand that we have entered into what is sometimes called “the silly period” that precedes UNAA elections. But it is totally wrong, unethical and constitutionally illegal for any member of UNAA leadership to knowingly utter total falsehoods about another member of this body. That I said, I am disappointed but not surprised.”

Quoting Article 4.00 of the 2010 UNAA Constitution clause C (v) which reads: “Making allegation persistently without reasonable grounds regarding a UNAA member or official which caused or could have caused that person distress in performing UNAA duties.”


“While this matter has not yet been elevated to official review by the UNAA Rules and Disciplinary Committee, as a member of this leadership body I would like to ask Mr James William Mugeni (UNAA rep, Central Plains) to confirm or refute the following statements shared on several WhatsApp forums and attributed to him,” Mr Moses Wilson, said in a message to members.

Some statements he asked Mr Mugeni to deny, or accept include: “They (Uganda delegation) were received by Uganda North America (UNAA) President Ms. Henrietta Wamala.”

“Ms. Wamala has often been accused by some UNAA members of ‘selling them to the regime’ who has betrayed Ugandans, including torturing and killing them.”

Speaking to TND News Thursday night, Mr Mugeni said: “I have said it here I left Uganda not to come and meet Uganda here. I was in Chicago and I saw Ugandaism in UNAA. Dr Otaala Emmanuel, Tororo MP-elect shared the same negotiation table with me where we were wooed to go back to Uganda at a cost of UGX300m each. Otaala succumbed and went back on NRM ticket…”

On whether he will appear before UNAA Disciplinary committee when summoned, Mr Mugeni responded: “I will not appear for whatever the reasons we are fighting a dictator and his network. UNAA has to come clean.”

“The situation in Uganda is an all binding situation. We are the taxpayers in the USA and we can’t stand a situation where our relatives or citizens at home are killed using the tax we pay.”


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