NUP supporters in Chicago protest NRM delegates to USA

Bobi Wine and some of his supporters last year. Reuters photo.

Our goal is to convince the United States of America and other foreign entities to delegitimize Mr. Museveni as the legal leader of Uganda after he lost the election and made up results to announce himself the winner – NUP supporters in America further demands.

 Briefly as said by James William Mugeni – UNAA rep, Central Plains.

  • Spending 250,000 dollars to come to consult us in the USA is theft. Why not use the internet switched off?
  • The current situation as it is in Uganda is going to make more Ugandans flee from home.
  • Haji Abbey Walusimbi and cohorts should know that we do not support events in Uganda. What will he tell us about the killings of citizens of Uganda by the military?
  • What will he tell us about the abductions that are done by drones – the minibuses that have become the dreaded vehicles that make everyone to scamper on sighting them?

Kampala—4, February 2021: The National Unity Platform (NUP) chapter in Chicago, United States of America has said they will not be part of some groups of Ugandans in the U. S expected to meet a delegation of Ugandans flown by the government.

“A delegation of Uganda’s incumbent administration (NRM) to the USA, has retreated into hiding from the Ugandan diaspora thereafter learning of resistance demonstrations intended to oppose the 35-year regime in Uganda, led by dictator Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni,” their press release reads in part.

“Reliable sources indicate that the delegation has scrapped public meetings previously touted as Museveni’s effort to hear from the Ugandan diaspora,” the statement adds.

NUP in America says the resistance to the NRM visitors was organized by small cells of Ugandans in the diaspora, focused on exposing the dictator to the Western world with whom ‘the dictator has had warm relations’.

The mostly young immigrants, in their statement, say they oppose the ruler of their motherland, who recently proclaimed himself the winner of January 14, 2021, presidential elections before the votes were counted.


On Saturday 16, January 2021, the electoral commission chairman, Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi declared NRM candidate Museveni president-elect with 58.6%, with NUP candidate, Mr Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, also known as Bobi Wine coming second with 34.8%.

Mr Museveni, in power since 1986, has got his sixth term. However, his victory will be decided by the Supreme Court in coming months after Bobi Wine’s lawyers earlier this week filed a petition seeking Court to annul Museveni’s victory.

Bobi Wine’s lawyers cite more than 15 grounds for which Court should order fresh elections.

This publication has established that the delegation flagged off by president Museveni will be under the leadership of Hajji Abbey Walusimbi. Both he and Uganda’s Ambassador to the USA, H.E Ambassador Mull Katende arrived in Chicago Tuesday, 2 February.

They were received by Uganda North American Association (UNAA) President Ms. Henrieta Wamala.

Let me be very clear that I, as a UNAA council member of the Central Plains, will not meet Hajji Abbey Walusimbi and my region will not be used to promote a dictatorship. And we demand justice for all Ugandans, especially the young people incarcerated as a result of participating in the election process and supporting Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi – James William Mugeni.

Ms. Wamala has often been accused by some UNAA members of ‘selling them to the regime’ who has betrayed Ugandans, including torturing and killing them.

Mr. James William Mugeni, UNAA’s rep for Central Plains, has never hidden his dissatisfaction about Ms Wamala, her leadership, and especially this week after she decided to welcome Uganda’s delegation.

“Haji Abbey Walusimbi and his kin should stop importing Ugandaism to the USA. Abbey Walusimbi must know we have irreconcilable differences with the government of Uganda when we look at functional systems of USA. You cannot take a flight and come to USA to meet Ugandans who by the way were oppressed by Museveni’s regime into exile,” he said.

NUP, in a statement says Ms. Wamala has been linked to Museveni’s administration with claims that her 2019 UNAA presidential campaign to the helm of this largest single organization of Ugandan diaspora was bankrolled by the 35-year-old dictatorship with the assumption of the regime to solidify its grip on UNAA and the diaspora at large.

“Mr. Museveni is reportedly bothered by the overwhelming support in the diaspora, which was evidenced by the financial support during the recent presidential campaigns. Mr. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s campaign team, which carried out an electronic vote using original tally documents from polling stations, clearly concluded and showed that Kyagulanyi won the election by a very wide margin,” they said.

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