UPC eyes 2026 elections, proud of her successes in 2021

Arach Sharon Oyat, UPC Spokesperson addressing the media in Kampala on recently. Courtesy/File photo.

“Our offices shall compile in detail the final performance of the party from local government to Parliamentary elections very soon,” Arach Oyat Sharon, UPC Spokesperson says.

Kampala—3, February 2021: Ugandans are casting their votes today, Wednesday 3rd February 2021, bringing to an end the long weeks of electoral activities.

The exercise is ending with the elections of sub-county LC3 chairpersons and councillors. “It has been a demanding race that kicked off in August 2020 with elections of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) [Youths, Older persons and PWDs],” UPC says during her weekly press briefing in Kampala, Wednesday.

“UPC actively participated in the process and it is one of the targets of the party to have a strong presence at the grassroots so as to have effective representation, from lower levels to highest level,” addressing the media on behalf of the party, Arach said.

She says their participations re-echoes the commitment of UPC as articulated by the party president Jimmy Akena in 2015, “strengthening our firm foundation through grassroots mobilization”.

The process of campaigning and polling, the opposition party says, has “been quite unique as it was scientific due to Covid 19 pandemic and the relating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)”. “At the same time, some petitions to do with contested results of elections at various levels are being handled by respective authorities.”


“This is what democracy demands for! However, to avoid all this, we need to attain fairness in the electoral process and adherence to electoral laws,” party spokesperson adds.

She says UPC is calling upon all stakeholders to ensure peaceful polling as we come to the end of 2020/2021 general elections Wednesday, adding, “we replicate as we have before, urging all voters and supporters to come out and vote in big numbers prioritizing your vote to UPC candidates. This is one of the ways of rebuilding our mighty party, UPC!”

“Our offices shall compile in detail the final performance of the party from the local government to Parliamentary elections very soon. But in summary, the party has performed much better at all levels than in the previous polls. This is indeed a big achievement that sets the agenda for 2026 and beyond.”

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