Museveni reelected, puts Bobi Wine under house arrest

Bobi Wine [R] can be a good President - his fans say. Courtesy/File photo.

Apart from Patrick Oboi Amuriat of FDC who got 3%, other nine presidential candidates could not obtain even 1%, the EC statistics show.
Kampala – 18, January 2021: Uganda’s longest serving president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been reelected for sixth term in office.
Mr Museveni, in power since 1986 was declared the winner of the Thursday January 14, presidential and parliamentary elections.
The electoral commission (EC) chairman Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi declared incumbent Museveni president elect after obtaining more than five million votes (58.6%) of the total votes cast.
His main challenger Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine came second with 34.8%, EC chairman announced on Saturday, 16 January.
Apart from Patrick Oboi Amuriat of FDC who got 3%, other nine presidential candidates could not obtain even 1%, the EC statistics show.
While Mr Museveni has welcomed the victory and congratulated Ugandans and his NRM party, opposition leaders Bobi Wine and ANT Winnie Kizza has refused to concede defeats. Bobi Wine says the election was a ‘sham’ and his victory robbed.
Winnie Kizza, faulted EC for announcing president Museveni winner, claiming that the total votes given to Museveni was Bobi Wine’s. The EC chairman has asked opposition to show proofs that election was rigged.
Since Thursday 14 when he cast his vote alongside his wife Barbie Itungo, the National Unity Platform (NUP) party president Bobi Wine remains under house arrest.
His home in Magere, Wakiso district is under security watch for more than five days now.
The army and government are yet to publicly state ‘why’. Bobi Wine has said his wife has been denied leaving home to buy food items.
A government official told TND News on Monday on condition of anonymity that allowing Bobi Wine freedom to move and meet his supporters would cause chaos and confrontations with security forces.
“There is threat across the world on his mistreatment, concerns at home here but government will decide itself. We are preventing expected interruptions when he (Bobi Wine) is allowed to come to public,” a source added.
On several occasions, Bobi Wine has said his supporters are peaceful people who are often provoked by security forces. The NUP leader continue to say he will demand for his victory without violence.
Internet switched on.
After days of internet shutdown, on Monday 18, January government restored internet. However, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social communication sites remain blocked.
On 13 January (election eve), UCC directed telecommunication operators to disable internet ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections. Following the directive, access to information, live updates on elections were unavailable.
Speaking after internet was restored on Monday, Ofwono Opondo, government spokesperson warned opposition against misuse.
Mr Ofwono said other platforms are still under review, giving no clue on when WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are to be switched on.
Museveni speaks out
Addressing the country from his Rqakitura home hours after he was declared president elect on Saturday, Museveni warned the ‘whites’ or European interfering with Uganda’s democracy.
He said some country in the region has been giving money to opposition to disrupt peace in Uganda.
However, he added that in this new term his government will offer free education, improve health and defense (security) and roads, among other sectors.

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