They have excelled! Promising celebrities to support in 2021

These are young men and a lady who have excelled over the years, and have bigger dreams this year and going forward.

Lira–1, January 2021: Happy New Year 2021 everyone! Unlike ‘the pandemic year 2020’, a lot is expected in 2021, and from 2021. From music (entertainment) to our wellbeing (health, etc.), hard works will enable us to achieve our 2021 dreams.

Unlike 2020, where the entertainment industry was closed up to the end of the year in order to curb the spread of Covid-19, many are expecting this year to be a year of restarting paused projects.

Some artists TND Inspires Magazine spoke to late last year are hoping for the best in 2021. The majority we interviewed said they are ready; they need our support as their fans.

In our first edition of the TND Inspires Magazine, we bring you some top artists from northern Uganda who have excelled many years ago and are looking forward to doing more.

Among Peace aka Akira (The Queen of the North) is a singer, songwriter, and dancer. She was born on 29, July 1986 in the northern Uganda district of Alebtong.

Akira is an Afro-zouk, dancehall and Reggae artist with a passion and dreams for the music industry. She says some of her role models are legendary Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Yemi Alade and Simi, among others.

Akira’s musical journey dates back to as far as her primary and secondary school times in which she took part in Music, Dance and Drama club; taken part in both singing and dancing.

“However, this passion was put on hold as I pursued a Diploma in Media Communication and Journalism but was rejuvenated in early 2018 with the release of songs such as Kena Kena (me alone), Wek Ange (let me know), Treat you good and Milele,” she said.

Over the years, Akira has performed on stage shows all over the country and has worked with producers and songwriter such as “Bomba” in the production of most of her songs and “Drainer” in the production of “Enough of You” and Ntwala (not released yet).

She has released videos like Milele with an award-winning videographer Ayeny Steve. In 2019, Akira was nominated as the best female artist in Lango.

Currently, she is working on releasing a song Ntwala, and working on improving the social media spaces for increasing the exposure to the customer base and getting public visibility.

Akira is constantly working on improving her musical career and looking forward to being the best female artist from the North.

The Queen of the North is reachable on the following media platforms and where some of her works can be found.

Twitter: @QueenAkira5

Instagram: @Classicmwanamke

Youtube: @Queen Akira Music

Facebook Fan Page: @akiramuziki


Atine Maros aka Profesa Maros

Maros started music in 2011. By then he was living in Angwet-Angwet (currently under Lira City East Division). “My first hit song of that year was AVOCADO, also released that same year. It went viral and won best Northern song of the year,” he told TND Inspires Magazine.

“I followed it with Abonyo Otingere, Attention, Aweki Tamo, Tek Cuny, Nyako Nurse and many more. These songs kept me on top for five years,” he adds.

As time went on, Profesa Maros started to evolve with a new style of music which brought in Lukwago, Tok Pong, Ole, Med Mac, Prayer of a Citizen, Karamojong and the rest.

“I will be making 10 years in the industry in 2021 and God willing, I plan to hold a very big party to celebrate it,” a decade-old music star said.

He also said, “Covid-19 dealt us a big blow,” and for that reason, “I was unable to make videos for the songs i released prior and in between pandemic”.

Profesa is currently working on his 5th album called ‘THE PANDEMIC’ “which should be ready by the time i celebrate my tenth year in music”.

“I’m also embarking on doing collaborations with other artists in the central region.”

“I have also opened up a non-profit organization which is going to focus on helping the young people discover and use their talent for development,” all-year award winner under Lango Entertainment Awards (LEA) reveals.

Lubanagakene Patrick

Patrick is another young promising star in the music industry. Known by his stage name “Bebe Youngkeyz”, he hails from Northern Uganda. Currently, he says he lives in Kampala.

“I started my career in 2019. So far made four trending tunes like “Balu ku” (no problem) and “Amari” (I love you).

What is your plan for 2021, and what should your fans expect from you? Responding to these questions, he said: “Massive projects set to be released come 2021.”

Okeng Born Town

Okeng needs no introduction across northern Uganda, and some parts of Uganda now. He’s a celebrated rib-tickling singer.

He’s known for making his fans amused and bashing his haters with songs. One of his songs, “Konyi Pe” literally translated as “You are useless” was targeting some of his critics. The song was released in August 2020.

Okeng is one of the most ‘successful’ musicians in northern Uganda, according to some of his close associates.

He’s known for songs like: “Anyaka na ileng over” (my lady you are too (over) beautiful), “Cam Kuci” (enjoy your peace), “Aparo kwir wa” (I regret our votes), “Kuc” (peace), among others.

Odora Denis aka Mr Dee

Mr Dee is another musician in the region whose songs got loved by his fans. A musician turned politician is known for songs like “Mara Ni” (your love), “Ka Ipe Ingeta” (when you are not near me), “Ibi Para” (you will miss me), “Akwora” (my enemy), among others.

Mr Dee is also a songwriter. He now contesting for MP, Maruzi County in Apac district on the Independent ticket.

Politically, he’s one person to keep an eye on this year.

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