The wallet: You and me in 2021

By Wycliff Odong

If you have something to sell, you’ll reap big amidst the likely 2 digit inflation – Mr Odong.

Kitgum—29, December 2020: 2021 will be a very nice year. Very promising. Our national economy will be bad, but the individual economy will be very good if you don’t mess up in this festive and election period.

Remember, as Jim Rohn puts it in his book: ‘7 strategies for wealth and happiness’, the difference between national and individual economy explains why we have very rich people in very poor countries and very poor people in very rich countries. The choice is ours then as individuals.

In basic economics, there will be plenty to buy, there will be fewer buyers, few businesses starting up as people will be financially hibernating (so, is the opportunity) not until the lack of money in circulation or the cost of it (money) wakes us up.

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If you have something to sell, you’ll reap big amidst the likely 2 digit inflation (if you will be a seller, you’ll benefit).

2021 will be a year to dare as many (including the rich) will out of fear freeze their spending on investments.

We will have two things to do; stay afloat with resilience and thrive or shy away-sink and die economically.

2021 against all the miserable predictions will be a wonderful year. On a lighter note and factually, many learnt to be extremely resilient, including by subscribing to Stingy Men Association of Uganda (SMAU) ideology. I would like you to earn my new year’s wishes this time around.

If you’re among those accepting the above lines of thinking, I wish you a happy, prosperous 2021.

For God and My Country.

Mr Odong is a Child Protection and an Inclusive Education Practitioner.

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