Peter Walubiri, Joseph Ochieno speak out as UPC releases elections results

Mr Joseph Ochieno came 2nd. Courtesy photo.

“I have not seen the results; not seen the raw data. What I know is that I won in most of the regions and I do not know where 46 percent is coming from,” Mr Joseph Ochieno.

Kampala—17, July 2020: On Thursday, 17 December, a faction of Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party under Mr Peter Walubiri Mukidi released elections results of its delegates conference held nearly two weeks ago.

Mr Hamuza Ssewankambo, the electoral commission chairman, released the result via Zoom, declaring Mr Peter Walubiri Mukidi as the winner—with 48 percent.

Mr Walubiri told TND News shortly on the phone that he has been re-elected. He was followed by Mr Joseph Ochieno with 46 percent.

Others in the race were Dr Dickson Opul who got 6 percent and Dr Okello Dan who only received 2 percent.

In what seems to be an anomaly, the total percentage gained by the four candidates reached 102.

Mr Patrick Aroma, the Lira City East MP candidate in the 2021 elections who first shared the results outcome on social media and it received great concerns, defended it thus: “Joseph Ochieno got 45.5% but was rounded to 46%. President Walubiri got 47.7% but was rounded to 48%. This was the reason of 100 and plus something %.”

Mr Aroma subscribes to the anti-Akena camp and contesting against him (Akena) for the Lira City MP seat.

“Aggressive mobilisation of party members and leaders at all levels start now; to get as many party members as possible,” Mr Walubiri said, on the phone, Thursday.

“The party has challenges at ‘whole levels’—I am ready to do a lot, get people to get active,” he added.

On any possible move by his competitors to refute the election results, he answered: “For me, I don’t want to go bickering. I was the incumbent now re-elected.”

On when his leadership will take over Uganda House—the UPC party Headquarters: “We are handling the matter with the landlord—and the landlord is handling it with the forces.”

“No time frame to reoccupy Uganda House, but we are getting there,” he reveals.

On UPC candidates nominated by James Akena and his group who are vying for different political offices, Mr Walubiri said “they are talking very well”.

“We are talking and it’s not a problem—not a problem,” he emphasized.

Earlier on Thursday, TND News also spoke to Mr Ochieno Joseph on phone and he sounded “unsatisfied” with the outcomes.

“I have not seen the results; not seen the raw data. What I know is that I won in most of the regions and I do not know where 46 percent is coming from,” he said, during an interview.

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He also says UPC will stay for long but should be removed from “political tourists”, adding: “UPC is bigger than us, bigger than NRM and we will all leave it.”

Akena responds

UPC Head of Media and Communications under Mr James Michael Akena’s administration, Mr Muzey Faizo, when contacted for comments, referred TND News to its December 2, 2020 press statement under the title: “THE ALLEGED DELEGATES CONFERENCE”.

Read verbatim

As the country is fully concentrating on Presidential, Parliamentary and local Council Campaigns; there is a group of individuals who go round the social media to announce convening of the District and Delegates Conferences.

The Party leadership wants to sound a warning to all Regional Vice-chairpersons, Party District Chairpersons, branch leaders and general membership that there is NO DELEGATES CONFERENCE ON 4TH DECEMBER 2020 as it is making rounds in the public domain. And whoever is making this propaganda should stand warned! We appeal to the Party members to ignore such reckless and irresponsible statements and focus their attention to ongoing campaigns and mobilization for the Party. These self-seekers who masquerade to represent the Party, should be totally ignored and we remain focused.

The legitimate Party leadership is in place and fully in control of all-Party matters.

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