FDC remembers three formations leading to its birth  

FDC party logo.

“Happy 16th birthday to the People’s Party, the FDC.”https://refpakrtsb.top/L?tag=d_738065m_18639c_&site=738065&ad=18639

Kampala—16, December 2020: Sixteen (16) years ago today, 3 formations (Reform Agenda, Parliamentary Advocacy Forum & National Democratic Front) came together to form a single liberation front named Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), the latter said in a social media post on Wednesday.

“Since then, another gear to engage the growing junta and dictatorial tendencies was engaged and things have never been the same,” their statement adds.

“This day is dedicated to all Souls that have departed in the execution of duty.”

FDC party, now under the presidency of Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) who’s also running for national presidency, said “16th December finds the party more firm and robust enough to continue with a final assault on the dictator”.

“Happy 16th birthday to the People’s Party, the FDC.”

“BUILDING A NEW UGANDA” was their second last statement, before ending with their popular slogan, “One Uganda One People”. This time, they forgot to include “Raaaah”.

A certificate on 16th Anniversary. Courtesy.

FDC is among other opposition political parties and pressure groups whose flag bearers are contesting for president, in a move to end President Yoweri Museveni’s 34-year-rule.

Museveni (Gen) is tussling for votes with his former army aides-de-camp (Commanders), Maj Gen. Mugisha Muntu Greg, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde.

The electoral commission (EC), a body mandated with powers to organise and conduct and release elections results, has put 14, January 2021 for presidential and parliamentary elections.


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