UNAA rep, James Mugeni responds to Nile Post’s article: “UNAA has collapsed”

James Mugeni. Courtesy/File photo.

By James William Mugeni 

Iowa, USA—9, December 2020: Dear Editor, allow me to respond to an article that appeared in the Nile post written by a one Jonah Kirabo. He wrote Irony: Funded by Museveni annually, UNAA officials scramble to fundraise for Bobi Wine presidency

Most of us are asylum seekers or left Uganda for social economic reasons. There is no way you can convince us to support Museveni when we ran away from him for our safety or green pasture.

The social-economic conditions back at home is what UNAA needed to address other than receive handouts from Museveni. UNAA leadership has failed to address this succinctly. We the advocates of change are using what is happening at home to bring UNAA to order or down because it has also become partisan.

Selling to us a dictator who has made us flee from our country is like adding salt to a wound. There is no way any leader from UNAA is going to get most of us who are refugee to listen to a Museveni agenda in UNAA.

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Council meetings and executive meetings have now flopped more than three times as the agenda setting as demanded by us council members to include Uganda always turns political.

As a council member representing the Central Plains Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, I can authoritatively tell the world that UNAA has collapsed. I represent immigrants, and most of them are people fleeing political persecution from Uganda.

Issues of immigration dominate UNAA, something that the executive is very shy about since they will touch Uganda and Museveni.

The vice president UNAA Miss Lydia Natoolo is in the spotlight because she is standing with us the immigrants who are demanding for change in Uganda. She is representing our communities very well, as there is no Ugandan worth American values who can support what is in Uganda.

Not long ago, I wrote an article de-register UNAA as they cannot stay off politics of Uganda. The reasons were based on what I see in UNAA. UNAA has turned into an organization serving Museveni’s interests and that explains why he funds us, the funds Jonah’s article alludes to.

UNAA elections are now not just about Ugandans living in North America. They are about fighting corruption, injustices, poverty, murders, torture which Museveni’s regime represents.

The vice president Miss Lydia Natoolo who is at the forefront of settling refugees understands why Ugandans are fleeing from Uganda and if she has to stand for UNAA presidency, it is not against Henrietta Wamala but the values immigrants uphold.

Mugeni is a Medical Clinical Officer/Certified Public Manager and a Council member representing the Central Plains Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.

Email: wmungadi@gmail.com

Phone: +1 515-346-5317

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