NRM mobilisers’ love for money first not a fake story

President Museveni has supported youth including Kampala sex workers. Courtesy photo.

Kitgum – 13 November 2020: The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is without doubt the richest political party in Uganda.

Besides being a ruling party, NRM easily gets what she desires, and her supporters and mobilisers know this.

Her youth, mobilisers eat big during electioneering period; walking home with ‘fat’ envelopes and excitement.

This has in recent years prompted some youth and elders to defect from opposition parties to the “yellow bus” where money is ‘available’.

However, with rapid rise of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, from Ghetto to Parliament in 2017, Wine started speaking what has been affecting youth, and majority of Ugandans for decades.

The outgoing Kyandondo East MP, Kyagulanyi, now contesting for presidency vowed to uplift the conditions of youth, and Ugandans to a better level once voted a president.

By projection, millions of youth are expected to cast their votes in favour of Bobi Wine, with some, doing so for the ruling party candidate, Gen. Yoweri T. Kaguta Museveni.

This projection is already known to NRM leaders and some senior presidential advisors.

Some have come out to speak stronger, criticizing NRM mobilisers for “wanting money first” before doing party core responsibility.

Lillian Aber, a senior presidential advisor on youth, had this to say, via her official Twitter account:

You NRM Mobilisers must leave What’sup and take full charge of your areas otherwise, you will be shocked! Be there mbu you are waiting for money for Mobilization. These opposition supporters have genuine support, they don’t need even a bottle of water from their Party.@NRMOnline

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