Remarks by H.E Julius Peter Moto at UG-UK Nurses & Midwives e-event

Amb Julius Peter Moto. Courtesy/File photo.

United Kindom – 8 November 2020: The e-Conference was held on 7 November under the theme: Celebrating Black History Month: The Mental Health Webinar Series”

Uganda’s ambassador to UK/Ireland, H.E Julius Peter Moto had this to say, verbatim.

I am delighted to speak at the virtual event organised by the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Association UK today 7th Nov 2020 as part of the activities Celebrating black history month and our mental health webinar series.

UNMA is a new organisation that has hit the ground running and I am proud to be your Patron.

I thank the strategic team members and the Interim Executive Committee members, who have drafted the constitution and some policies for the association. I also thank the members, and Ugandans who have been supporting each other through bereavement among others.

In order to attract likeminded associations and individuals to support your objective, you should stand up from the crowd and start delivering services beyond seminars.

You should address all the issues regarding your registration in the UK so that you deliver approved activities in-support-of the UK and Uganda health care professionals and systems that are mutually beneficial to all. The founding of UNMA has come at the right time when Ugandans in the UK need more support than ever before, given the impact of COVID 19 on our lifestyles.

Government of Uganda recognises the impact of mental health as a major non communicable disease that affect all sectors of Uganda. Government needs capacity in the delivery of mental health services country wide. We need your expertise and advice through partnership for sustainable health sector development.

Given its impact, amidst COVID 19, we need to respond to the causes of mental health in society in order to reduce marginalization and stigma of persons, isolation and abuse of rights of persons with psycho-social disabilities and users of psychiatry services, in the work place, in society and in families.

I call upon all Ugandan associations to continue engaging beyond its membership base to share best practices, share information and opportunities for increased service delivery to humanity wherever they are. You should have value. Be relevant. Contribute towards a cause, get involved and get noticed. It is the only way you shall be spotted and called upon to serve humanity, both in Uganda and UK public.

The BAME Leadership Development in tackling COVID 19 should require you to work hand in hand with sector government agencies where your inputs could contribute to policy reviews of government programs.

You should also work with research organisations and universities that run programs on leadership development and service delivery in mental health.

In the UK, your primary point of contact and link is the Uganda High Commission in London, working closely with UK government in the health sector of Uganda.

In a similar way, Ugandan organisations are encouraged to work with Ugandan embassies near them.

This is one of the sure ways in which your invaluable skills and expertise could get noticed for partnership development for the benefit of all.

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