“We’re closing Book of Lamentations for Acts”: Bobi Wine’s speech angers First Son

Bobi Wine [R] can be a good President - his fans say. Courtesy/File photo.

Kampala – 4 October 2020: Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine is the third youngest candidate for president in the 2021 general elections.

John Katumba, 24, and Nancy Kalembe (real age not obtained yet by this publication) are all young candidates for president.

Bobi Wine, 38, temporarily  left music for politics in 2017 when he decided to run for Kyandondo East MP by-election.

He won the race by a landslide – beating both ruling NRM and FDC candidates.

After securing first step of his political journey, Bobi Wine was focusing on topmost chair – the presidency.

This dream to him is promising, possible but also “challenging” as he is not allowed to hold rallies and freely talk to his supporters on radios.

Some political pundits say out of ten nominated candidates for president, Bobi Wine, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde, Patrick Oboi Amuriat and to a least expectation Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu Greg will be keenly monitored by security organs.

“It’s Bobi Wine, Gen. Henry Tumukunde and Patrick Oboi Amuriat that security and State will put focus on. Not because any of them can win presidency but because of their defiance messages and tactics in mobilisation,” a political pundit says, on condition of anonymity.

On Tuesday, both Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat were arrested by joint security team for “defiance” from Kyambogo and Najjanakubi, respectively.

Bobi Wine had earlier been escorted by security from his Magere home to Kyambogo University cricket grounds for his nomination, but was soon brutally arrested by security team after issuing “troubling and a touching” speech to the nation.

“…..I bring you revolutionary greetings from wherever you are. I take this opportunity to let you know that what you are witnessing today is the launch of the most critical phase in our struggle to liberate ourselves from dictatorship that has crippled our country…” Bobi Wine said soon after his nomination.

Flanked by his wife Barbie Itungo, and NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi and others, Bobi Wine hit the president, Kaguta T. Yoweri Museveni who was nominated early on Monday morning.

“To you Mr Museveni, since you have failed to control your greed and lust for power, our generation is determined to save you from yourself and stop your 35 years of dictatorship.”

According to him, he will ensure that the little pay a security officer will earn per month is shs1m.

This particular statement, angered Museveni’s son, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kaneirugaba. Muhoozi is a senior presidential advisor on special operations.

Gen. Muhoozi, said this via Twitter: “I told you my young brother, that you can never intimidate us. We are much stronger than you can ever imagine to be. If you want to fight we will simply defeat you. We want peace! But if you attempt to fight us then Bring it on!” 

Later, Bobi Wine also had this to Tweet: “Only cowards and weak men boast of violence! You should be ashamed. Ours is non-violent calk for action. You know that in a free and fair election, your father the old tyrant, would be no more. This country belongs to Ugandans, not you and your father. You will soon understand that.”

“It’s time for actions; actions that will put an end to injustices, oppression,” Wine added.

He kept on calling NRM founder a “dictator” who has “strangled our economy with massive corruption; patronage, high cost of living, sick healthcare system”.

Bobi Wine who has got huge following among youth, further said: “For long we have cried and lamented about the government that works for only few and excludes the majority.”

On if he’s the best candidate, he had this to say: “I come before you not as the most qualified, not as the most experienced but I come before you as the most committed to lead this liberation, to lead the people of Uganda out of slavery.”

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