Bobi Wine’s supporters in America writes to Amb. Natalia Brown over torture, 2021 elections

Bobi Wine. His home has been under security forces' watch for nearly two weeks. File photo.

Kampala – 3 November 2020: Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine might equals Dr Kizza Besigye’s arrest tallies by Uganda’s security operatives in coming months.

With no official numbers in term of arrest for both opposition leaders available yet, founding FDC president and four times presidential candidate, Col. Dr Kizza Besigye got arrested and detained more than 70 times in a decade. 

For Bobi Wine, the current Kyandondo East MP; a duly nominated presidential candidate and leader of National Unity Platform (NUP), the musician turned politician has faced security arrest over 20 times in recent years.

Experts predict that, with Besigye now “done with elective politics” and silently planning on “Plan B”, Bobi Wine is the prime security target for arrests and detentions a head of vital elections next year.

Mr Kyagulanyi was nominated Tuesday 3 November, 2020 by electoral commission (EC) chairman Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi for presidential race, alongside FDC’s Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA).

Others nominated were DP Norbert Mao, Independent candidates John Katumba, Nancy Kalembe, Fred Mwesigye and Joseph Kabuleta.

However, both Kyagulanyi and Amuriat had a bad day following their brutal arrests by joint security forces shortly after nomination (for Bobi Wine) and on his arrival to FDC headquarters, Najjanakubi (for POA).

Mr Kyagulanyi and his team, few among them NUP spokesperson, Mr Joel Ssenyonyi, his bodyguard Eddie Mutwe, among others were allegedly tortured and faces sprayed with pepper.

Candidate Kyagulanyi while addressing NUP supporters from his home (Magere) showed them his torn suit and bruises on his leg. He claimed he was tortured by men in uniform.

For POA, he was driven to nomination venue in a security car without a shoe but was untouched after his successful nomination by EC chairman.

This current happenings, and previous ones have attracted the attention of the global community, with some Ugandans in the diaspora coming out to speak.

On Tuesday, this publication obtained a copy of a letter written to the U.S Ambassador to Uganda, H.E Natalia Brown.

On behalf of Ugandans in North America, Central Pains to UNAA, Mr James William Mugeni asked Ambassador Natalia to intervene in Uganda’s politics.

Under subject “Voting Rights and Gross Violation by the Republic of Uganda“, Mr Mugeni wrote: “On behalf of Ugandans in diaspora, we call upon your intervention to help us exercise our constitutional rights to vote.”

He quoted, in his letter Article 1(1), (2) and (4) which takes about Sovereignty of the people. “(1) All power belongs to the people who shall exercise their sovereignty in accordance with the constitution.”

“(2) Without limiting the effect of clause (1) of the article, all authority in the state emanates from the people of Uganda, and the people shall be governed through their will and consent.”

According to Mr Mugeni, in the same letter says the president of Uganda has violated all these articles, adding: “He uses the security organs, the UPDF and the police to oppress the citizens that exercise their freedom, they prosecute them, make illegal detention, and some have been killed.”

“Museveni said in the Nairobi Peace Accord 1985: I was not a soldier, I was an intellectual. Why did I become a soldier? I became a soldier to defend myself and my people against State inspired violence,” he told Ambassador Natalia.

The UNAA Central Pains member further says, today, Museveni’s government is inspiring the same violence against the citizens of Uganda.

“The government used the millitary to attack the Parliament when the MPs were debating the extension of the presidential age limit. The following are few of the victims who have been tortured and some killed at the command of top executives in the armed forces under the watchful eye of Museveni in less than three tears,” Mugeni told US envoy.

Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, Hon. Francis Zaake Butebi, Hon. Betty Nambooze and Hon. Lutumugazi Ssemakula are some of the MPs he outlined.

“The president has become a barrier to county’s development and good governance. Uganda is bleeding and ordinary people are requesting for your intervention to restore rule of law and respect of human rights,” he opines.

The U.S Embassy in Kampala is yet to respond to TND News’ Tuesday request for a statement.

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