NRM advises people of Apac to vote for their candidates

By Okwir Daniel Justine

Apac – 30 October 2020: The Apac NRM chairperson has appealed to the people of Apac to vote for candidates under NRM like they have been voting other parties in the last 15 years.

Mr Luzino Odong Bangala said in an interview with our reporter in Apac town.

He gave a proverb about people taking malwa and getting drunk, saying: “It’s because they share the drinking pipe and in that respect the people should vote NRM candidates.”

He mentioned key positions that need to be kept in mind: for the district chairperson and the Member of Parliament  for Apac Municipality.

In an interview with the executive director for the Apac Anti-corruption Coalition (TAACC) through phone, Mr Opwonya Tom Superman said it is good to elect a person basing on his/her quality than on basis of party because any party can have a candidate but of  low ability.

Mr Opwonya said a Member of Parliament should be able to raise the concern of their electorates, moving motion in Parliament, influence decision, do monitoring of funds, among others.

Among other positions, the Apac Municipality MP seat is taken by UPC’ Patrick Ochan. For woman MP, Betty Engola of NRM is the representative.

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