ICT & NG State Minister Ogwang promises GLCSMS computers

Minister Peter Ogwang says this time media is needed more than ever while issuing Keynote Address at 3rd Anual Media Conference 2020 in Lira City on October 23.

“Because of freedom in Uganda, anybody is allowed to cover any event,” Minister Ogwang said.

Lira – 24, October 2020: The 3rd Annual Media Conference (AMC) 2020 discussed wider issues affecting journalists and media houses in Lango subregion and northern Uganda in general.

Convened under the theme “Role of Media during Pandemic and Elections”, the event was attended by State Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Hon. (MP) Peter Ogwang, Director General Health Services in the Ministry of Health Dr Henry G. Mwebesa.

The two government officials: Minister Ogwang gave a keynote address and Dr Mwebesa made a critical presentation on the subject: “Staying safe during pandemic”.

A representative of the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson, district health officer for Lira, and other stakeholders all attended.

The ICT & NG state minister told participants that government is committed to working with media houses, but warned journalists and media houses against reporting fake news.

“Because of freedom in Uganda, anybody is allowed to cover any event,” he said.

Uganda will on the 14 January 2021 have presidential and parliamentary elections. During that time, the minister also warned journalists from taking over the role of the electoral commission (EC) by announcing results, adding that the law will take its course.

Great Lakes Centre For Strategic Media Studies (GLCSMS) was founded in April 2018 and got incorporated on 16 May 2018. It’s an independent not-for-profit media organization that builds capacity of journalists and CSOs through a number of training; it is set to offer media awards to journalists and media houses for exceptional reporting; in 2019, it took over Annual Media Conference (AMC) as its lead convener, alongside its digital newspaper, TND News.

In ensuring that GLCSMS and TND News programs and reporting are effective, and to see that journalists across the region get supported, the minister pledged to donate computers.

Mr Morris Chris Ongom, the chairperson Advisory Board of GLCSMS thanked the minister for his gesture of support.

“We hope we can get them as soon as possible. Some of our leaders make pledges but when you start calling them they don’t pick up…,” Mr Ongom said.

“…you can even pick then next week,” the minister said.

“The computers donated to us will fundamentally help the young organization and TND News to grow. This is something we lack and on behalf of everyone at GLCSMS and TND News, I want to sincerely thank the minister,” Milton Emmy Akwam, GLCSMS  Executive Director told this digital newspaper.

“The computers will ease work. It will be open for use to any journalist working on his or her articles; our colleagues from other region visiting Lira City will be welcomed to use it as well,” Mr Akwam added.



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