GWET G donates moringa seedlings, vegetable seeds to youth in Omoro

By Daniel Ojara

Omoro—21 October 2020: GWET G, one of the local NGO based in Gulu district on Thursday last week, donated moringa tree seedlings and vegetables seeds to youth groups in Omoro district.

Among the seeds donated were for eggplant, sukuma wiki and dodo among others.

The group members (beneficiaries) comprised of school dropouts, child mothers and disability and they were selected from the sub-counties of Lakwan, Odek and Onako.

Mr Denish Okot, the parish coordinator of Parak parish, Lakwana sub-county, said the project is fully supporting the youth because they can able to sell the produce in the smaller village markets.

He says moringa tree will help them cure many diseases, among other benefits.

Mr Bonny Oyuru, the agricultural extension officer (AEO) under GWET G projects, said other program under GWET G like (DINO) Development Initiative North Uganda is to uplift the live hood of people in northern Uganda through developing agricultural activities.

He also tells TND News that DINO intends to construct vending stalls in smaller markets to boost business among the people in the region.

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