Amuru, Nwoya farmers assure EFOTI they will grow tea massively

Some of the Nwoya farmers pose for a photo with Mr Atukunda Beekunda of (R) EFOTI on Monday.

Acholi—19, October 2020: On Monday morning and afternoon, The Edwin Foundation Tea Initiative Ltd (EFOTI) director met with some farmers and leaders in Amuru and Nwoya districts, respectively.

Mr Edwin Atukunda Beekunda who’s the EFOTI director said the meeting was to assure the farmers and leaders in the two districts why tea is now a major cash crop in Uganda.

He says in the region, Zombo and Gulu districts have embraced tea propagation like it’s with Kamwenge and Kabarole districts.

“In Uganda, tea is recognized as an important export commodity with high potential to contribute to national income, employment and environment conservation. It’s the third export earner after coffee and fish,” he said.

The tea expert says tea is one of the ten crops identified in agricultural sector development strategy and investment plan. “It is a viable tool for driving the Vision2040 agenda as per the Economy Policy Research Center report of 2014.”

Mr Atukunda says he’s excited some “interested farmers from Nwoya and Amuru have joined the struggle of tea growing in Acholi land”.

EFOTI, Ker Kwaro Acholi and Prime SAACO have been having different discussions on how to promote, sustain, and add value to Acholi tea, which is expected to start anytime.

Some farmers who received free tea plantlets on Monday.

However, currently, EFOTI has established mother garden and tea nursery beds at Lugore government prison farms.

The garden now acts as a demonstration centre for tea farmers and stakeholders in the sub-region.

On production, he says: “It’s important to the economy because it has no season, and is harvested throughout the year. Therefore, farmers have stable income. This makes tea one of the best priority crops in household income generation and poverty eradication.”

Mr Atukunda donated more than 100 tea plantlets to both farmers in Nwoya and Amuru as they wait to receive bigger supplies.

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