Exclusive: Dokolo NRM leaders abandon flag-bearer in favor of Paul Amoru

Dokolo North MP Paul Amoru [L] lifts a bundle of Covid-19 MP cash and gave it to Dokolo RDC Lawrence Egole. Looking on [R seated] is Dokolo South MP Felix Okot Ogong while in Dokolo district HQ months ago. File photo.

“The party members and constituents of Dokolo North are proud of the achievements made by our MP,” Judith Acar.

Dokolo—17 October 17, 2020: There is a political shock in Dokolo North! The Dokolo North National Resistance Movement (NRM) party sub-county chairpersons have abandoned the official party flag bearer, Moses Ogwal Goli.

They have unprecedentedly and unanimously endorsed and rallied behind the incumbent MP, Paul Amoru Omiat, who is also the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on ICT and National Guidance.

The group says they want MP Amoru to represent them in the 11th Parliamentary.

In the recently concluded NRM party parliamentary primary elections held in September 2020, Moses Ogwal Goli won the tightly competed race with 12,607 votes while Paul Amoru Omiat polled 11,113 votes.

Many of the NRM leaders and supporters have since dismissed the win, urging that Ogwal mobilized people from Lira and supporters from other opposition political parties to vote for him to carry the party flag.

The NRM sub-county chairpersons interested in Amoru’s continuity include; Geoffrey Opio Ekong of Agwata, Kenneth Owiny of Dokolo, Tom Aluku of Bata, Patrick Obia of Adok, Judith Acar of Okwalongwen, Robert Okwany of Amwona, Odongo Patrick who’s the chairperson of the veterans and Ben Obote.

In a recent party retreat, the above persons openly declared support for Paul Amoru in favor of the official party flag bearer Moses Ogwal Goli.

It follows a collection of 11,000 signatures from NRM supporters in the district that they sent to NRM Secretariat and National Chairman, President Museveni, showing their support to Amoru.

In their petition backed by thousands of signatures, NRM supporters asked National Chairman and NRM Secretariat to allow Amoru contest on an independent ticket.

Speaking during the retreat, Geoffrey Opio Ekong who is the leader of the NRM sub-county chairpersons of Dokolo district, says the party leaders and members resolved to support Amoru because the recent primaries was “marred with intimidation and rigging” sponsored by the opposition to get a weak candidate who would be easily defeated in the 2021 general elections.

The NRM sub-county chairperson for Dokolo Kenneth Owiny, opined that there is a planned move to weaken the NRM base in Dokolo district by the opposition through working with a weaker NRM candidate who cannot defend and promote the interest of the party something he says “the incumbent Amoru has tirelessly worked for”.

TND News could not verify this endorsement from the Dokolo NRM chairperson, Beatrice Molly Kia, who could not be reached.

During Friday’s press briefing, the NRM Director of Communications, Hon Emmanuel Dombo, asked the party members to support official party flag bearers.

The Dokolo North NRM parliamentary flag bearer Moses Ogwal Goli says he cannot force the leaders to support him, but asked the leaders and party members to support his candidature since he is the official party candidate.

Why the support for MP Amoru?

Judith Acar, the NRM boss for Okwalongwen says the party members and constituents of Dokolo North are proud of the achievements made by their MP which include: delivering a modern ambulance to support the referrals of patients in critical conditions to hospitals, worked with partners and established two health centers IIIs; one in Adok and another in Bata to provide subsidized and quality health care services.

She also says Amoru engaged government and secured resources to construct over 17 kilometers of road from Bata to Agali.

Lobbying factor?

In the area of Eduction, Acar says Amoru lobbied President Museveni to support Iguli Girls and Dokolo Girls secondary schools where the president gave Uganda shillings 400 million for the construction of a science laboratory and a computer laboratory, respectively.

He also lobbied from Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and delivered over 20 computers for Agwata secondary school, supported over 1,000 youth by helping them to start income-generating activities through the distribution of the goats’ scheme.

Geoffrey Opio Ekong says in 2016, in a rare occasion, President Museveni was invited by Hon Amoru and came for the first time in the history of Dokolo district as a visitor where he went to four different places.

The visits, according to Opio Ekong, brought enormous development including a donation of Uganda shillings 75 million for the completion of Our Lady of Africa Agwata Catholic Church; irrigation scheme for a farmer, a one Ogwal Fred in Amwoma.

Through MP Amoru, he said when President Museveni came to Dokolo; the latter pledged support towards Amodo bridge rehabilitation.

This publication has learnt that governnet soon allocated Uganda shillings 2.6 billion for the bridge works.

Over Uganda shillings 400 million was also given for the construction of computer and science laboratories at Iguli and Dokolo Girls secondary schools, respectively, all because of MP Amoru.

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