Meet Dominic Mafwabi Gidudu, older persons’ MP aspirant in 11th parliament

Mr Gidudu with NRM members recently. Photo by Elgon Daily.

Gidudu: “Majority of older persons lead and die lonely lives as if they have not contributed to the country, because there are no clear policies and sustainable packages for them.”

Jinja—2 October 2020: Dominic Mafwabi Gidudu is aspiring to secure the ruling NRM party flag for older persons (eastern region) in parliament.

Upon getting NRM flag, he will face competitors from other parties in the 2021 general elections. He is determined to change the fate of senior citizens in Uganda.

Gidudu laments that majority of older persons lead and die lonely lives as if they have not contributed to the country, because there are no clear policies and sustainable packages for them.

The 71-year-old politician who has held strategic positions like being a member of the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) and the national chairman, NRM Elders League, among others, promises to work closely with government to improve the lives of older persons.

He cites the recently lunched SAACOs for older persons in 125 districts and the establishment of emyoga to fund the same which will reduce on financial and social burdens the senior citizens face.

Gidudu says through his lobbying efforts, President Yoweri Museveni has directed under the budget framework of social-economic development under NAADS and Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) for them to make special arrangements for older persons to receive 30 oranges, 30 mangoes, 30 cashew nuts and 30 papaws, among others.

Currently on the last week of his campaigns covering 37 districts and nine municipalities in the regions divided into five zones of Busoga (11), Bukedi (7) Sebei (3) Bugisu (10) and Teso (10) ahead of 10 October, Gidudu stresses the need to step up sensitization of the youth who are also a big source of stress to their old parents.

“Many of them forcefully sell family assets like land and houses to buy motorcycles to ride in urban centres as bodaboda which in most cases do not sustain them hence the vicious cycle of poverty…,” he laments.

After graduating as a member of the Institute of Purchasing and Supply London in 1977, Gidudu joined, then, a powerful multinational Shell and BP as his first job where he started and implemented four promotions within only seven years with extensive training locally and outside.

After gathering adequate experience and knowledge, Gidudu went solo as a merchant in 1981 in Kampala where he also dived his feet in commodity trading in wheat grain as a major supplier to Uganda Grain Milling Company Ltd in Jinja.

Gidudu says by1990, he had acquired enough capital to start up Uganda Polybags Ltd, a poly propylene Bags Company at Seeta Kigunga along Jinja-Kampala highway. Unfortunately, a disagreement cropped up with the bank which foreclosed them after a protracted legal battle.

“We let it go as according to the law of debenture and mortgage, the financier is always right and that was another eye opener for me in the business world,” he narrates.

On realizing that President Museveni was giving extraordinary leadership to the country, Gidudu told TND News that he felt obliged to join him through the democratic line, starting from the grassroots in 2005 under NRM Elders League.

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