Leela Foundation supports hundreds of vulnerable people in Kampala

Juhi Barot showing compassion to the elderly and disabled woman in Kampala.


Juhi Barot together with family members have taken a radical path of trying their best to support the underprivileged people as opposed to merely consolidating their financial base.

Kampala—21, September 2020: It takes a bit of time for one to establish why dozens of poorly dressed children of Kyebando near Kampala always gather around to greet and shout the name of a young businesswoman Juhi Barot of Tirupati Development Ltd.

The lean looking lady fond of wearing jean trousers has become a household name, especially among the unfortunate members of the community in areas of Kyebando, Kamwokya and Naguru, among others for the gesture of extending them handouts.

This is because the 27-year-old entrepreneur is behaving as if she is vying for a political position during the ongoing electioneering period; where aspirants are trying to paint a picture how benevolent they are to the electorate.

But Juhi Barot has no dream or interest of becoming even an LC1 chairperson in the area where KCCA named a road (Tirupati Road) in recognition of the contributions by her father Hashad Barot (a Ugandan citizen of Indian origin).

Hashad is a founder and boss of a company that has over 20 years of successful investments and businesses valued at billions of shillings in Uganda.

What started as a random visit with packs of biscuits and a few eateries to the inquisitive and curious children later on became a routine activity which eventually gave birth to an NGO known as Leela Foundation.

Leela Foundation

The name Leela was derived from an Indian word ‘Leela’ which loosely means ‘beauty or amorous’ but in this context, Juhi Barot says the immediate thought that came to her mind is Uganda’s beautiful green vegetation.

“Uganda is beautiful, its green vegetation is cool and healthy, above all very fertile land with nice people who are welcoming and open-minded, so it’s what motivated me to start a charity NGO with the name…”, Leela says.

Although Leela Foundation as an NGO was birthed officially in July 2019, its ideal and core activities have been running for the last 10 years, extending support to the elderly, people with disabilities, children plus widows and orphans.

The NGO came into existence because of the harsh experiences that Harsad Barot went through during his childhood following the sudden and tragic loss of his father Magan Lal Barot, leaving him to face the world alone.

“…my father did not know even the essentials of life like sugar, bread and decent beds or clothes but led a life of struggling; working as a porter and doing odd jobs to survive,” she explains.

Juhi Barot together with family members have taken a radical path of trying their best to support the underprivileged people as opposed to merely consolidating their financial base.

“…we could have merely pursued profits at its maximum because that is what almost every human being does, but we would not be happy to enjoy while there are people going without any crumb of posho,” the press -shy Juhi explains.

With the slogan ‘Initiative Charity from the Heart’, Leela Foundation speaks the language of love to all humanity, irrespective of any sectarian background.

The Foundation distributes on a weekly basis a package containing 4 kilograms of posho, four kilograms of sugar, two liters of cooking oil, four kilograms of rice and a bar of soap worth Uganda shillings 65,000 to 100 families.

“Your creed of politics, religion or race and tribe do not matter when you are vulnerable, sick or hungry and needy and that’s why no boundary stands our way to serving people…,” she elaborates.

The Foundation vision is to have a future where all the communities gain economic and social empowerment, especially the less privileged girls, young women and elderly in the country.

Leela Foundation has also been actively involved in community services, education, philanthropy and many other humanitarian services throughout the country.

Who is Harshad Barot.

According to Miraj Barot, the Joint Managing Director of Tirupati Development Uganda Ltd, the company was founded by his father Harshad Barot (Company Chairman) who came to Uganda in the close of 1980s.

The story of Barot who started from rags to riches came to Uganda nearly 30 years ago is truly inspiring to many Ugandans, some who sink in self-pity owing to their individual unfortunate background.

Apart from lending a hand to the needy people, Barot’s exemplary work in the field of real estate development and has motivated and empowered many Ugandan lives.

Records available show that the 60-year-old investor has also done many Corporate Social Responsibility works as an individual and under his company such as building temples, police posts, among others.

Many have described Barot as a man with a golden heart and always enthusiastic about empowering Ugandan lives who decided to form this NGO for the betterment of the society.

Juhi Barot

Born in India and brought up in Uganda, Juhi upholds strong family values. Still single, Juhi dodges the question of when she will tie the knot and quickly says the main focus is humanity.

Having acquired a dual specialization in Human Resource Management and Marketing from Symbiosis University in Pune, India, Juhi joined the family business in Uganda after serving as a Commercial Officer at Vietnam Consulate in Uganda.

Juhi prides in her life’s philosophy with a focus on humanity in which she always believes that, ‘Service to Humanity is Service to God’ and therefore formed this NGO along with her father.

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