NRM sub-county chairs think with motorbikes, M7 will win big in 2021

NRM leaders with their motorbikes donated to them on Thursday.

“Keep the motorcycles in a good running condition,” Nokrach William Wilson.

September 18, 2020: The Amuru district NRM sub county chairpersons have assured their party leaders more votes and more elective positions in the upcoming 2021 general election.

They made this pledge upon each of them receiving a new Baja motorcycle from the party Secretariat.

Nyeko Ben, the Atiak sub-county NRM chairperson, praised the Secretariat for giving him a motorcycle and their sub-county chairpersons.

Mr Nyeko added that the motorcycle has come at a right time where the party needs to reach voters in their respective places.

He further told this publication that they were spending a lot of money from their personal pockets to hire motorcycles to execute party activities.

“I can assure the party more votes in the upcoming elections and an increment in the elective position within the district,” he promised.

Nokrach William Wilson, the Amuru district NRM chairperson and a flag bearer for Kilak South Parliamentary seat.

He urged the sub-county chairpersons to effectively use of the motorcycles for its rightful purpose of mobilisation for the party but not any other activities which may tarnish the name of the party.

“Keep the motorcycles in a good running condition,” he advises.

Amuru district has received 13 motorcycles for its 13 sub-counties.

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