Minister Rukutana’s bail was not a surprise

Mwesigye Rukutana is a winner, a free man after alledge crime. Courtesy photo.

But in case the victim had lost his life, not even the best doctors could be paid to bring the lost life back.

By Stephen Charles Olet

Lira—17, September 2020: Finally, the embattled Labour State Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana has been declared as the winner of Rushenyi County NRM primary elections.

Not only that, he was granted a cash bail of Uganda shillings 4 million. But that is not what has surprised me. What surprises me is why it took so long for him to be granted a bail much as I know he could have been receiving VIP treatment while under detention notwithstanding the fact that the cash bail granted to him is just a pocket change which he can afford without difficulties.

But in case the victim had lost his life, not even the best doctors could be paid to bring the lost life back.

Perhaps receiving that bail could be the end of his case and chances are very low that he will ever be persecuted for the crime which he allegedly committed; this is Uganda and life has to continue after all the minister has denied the allegations that he fired any bullets.

So, according to him, he is innocent, and he doesn’t deserve to be tried in courts of law. So, it is baffling where the videos which were making rounds on social media were captured from.

Much as a bail is his constitutional right which should be respected, I am sure if minister Rukutana was a poor peasant he would not have been granted bail. People with petty crimes are rotting in prison; those who shot at unarmed citizens are granted bail while others are left to be at large without being made accountable for their wrong deeds.

This sounds a loud trumpet to the less privileged Ugandans that it seems justice is not for the poor but a candy which is only reserved for the rich and the privileged.

This incidence reminds me of a novel entitled “The Animal Farm” which I read years back while I was still in lower secondary. In that novel, after the animals had liberated themselves from a tyranny under the leadership of human beings, the pigs became the leaders of the farm but since the pigs wanted to favor themselves they had to alter one of the original laws of the farm from “All animals are equal” to “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

 This is not any different to what is currently happening in Uganda because originally no one was above the law but currently “No one is above the law but some exceptional individuals are above the law.”

In any civilized country, the minister would first be relieved of his duties to give room for investigations but that does not happen in Uganda my motherland, anyway let me leave issues of the generals to the generals.

The author is a concerned Ugandan.

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