Pader forced to open Covid-19 isolation centre after getting stranded with virus patients

Pader – 14th September 2020: Pader district has been forced to open an isolation centre prematurely on Saturday, after the district got stranded with about 50 cases.

According to Pader district health officer (DHO), Dr. Alex Layoo, the district was left with no other option than to open the centre at Kilak Technical Institute to safeguard the community as cases at the district increases.

Dr Layoo explains that the district registered up to 74 cases in two weeks, with 8 being from Pader Town Council; 3 from Acholibur sub-county and the rest from the hydropower project in Aswa ranch in Angagura sub-county.

Pader district surveillance officer, Kizito Omoya, told our reporter that out of these, 24 have been referred to the different treatment centers in the country, while the district remains stranded with 50 people that tested positive.

Dr. Layoo adds that the health team reached the decision to open the isolation centre after they had nowhere to refer the patients testing positive, adding that leaving them within the community poses higher risks of more spread of the virus.

The district health officer says, so far, 8 people have been admitted at the isolation centre.

He, however, notes that their biggest problem is the absence of water source and limited food to feed the patients since the surveillance team anticipates an increase in the number of positive cases.

Layoo appeals to the government to provide resources to the district to enable them to open a treatment center since the ones identified earlier by the ministry of health for referral of patients in northern Uganda, are filled up.

He also implored the community to increase vigilance in observing standard operating procedures (SOPs), especially through hand washing after every few minutes with soap and clean water amidst upsurge of cases at the district.

On Wednesday, 16 September 2020, the Ministry of Health confirmed 145 new cases for Tuesday, and two Covid-19 deaths.

So far, 60 Ugandans have died due to Covid-19 and 5266 people have tested positive of the killer virus since March this year.

Covid-19 recoveries in Uganda stands at 2,404 people since March this year.

439,025 cumulative samples have been tested in Uganda to date.

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