PHOTOS: How Kole LC5 NRM primary election results were altered

Electoral officials changing poll final results in Bala.

“I was robbed, my voice should be heard by Dr Tanga Odoi (NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson) and his team….” Bonny Okello Alele

Kole—14, September 2020: Three candidates who came second, third and fourth in the Friday (last week) NRM party primary elections for Kole district LC5 seat have expressed dissatisfaction after a winner was announced.

Bonny Ferdinand Okello Alele who came second, Betty Akoli Nam (incumbent LC5 Chairperson), Moses Agor Ongom, Bobby Sam Ogom Olet and Moses Oteng have faulted Andrew Moses Awany who was announced a winner, and the Kole district NRM electoral officer, Joseph Ogwal Oyugi of electoral malpractices and bribery.

According to a declaration of results’ forms, Mr Awany got 30,438 votes and was followed by Mr Alele with 21,178 votes.

Speaking to TND News on Sunday evening, Alele said his results were changed, announcing to challenge the decision.

“I was robbed, my voice should be heard by Dr Tanga Odoi (NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson) and his team. I should be declared a flag bearer, or results cancelled less I go independent to challenge NRM,” Mr Alele added.

Ogwal Oyuku had earlier declared Jimmy Awany as a winner of the Friday poll amidst intimidation, bribery and other malpractices claims.

However, in his Saturday letter to Dr Tanga Odoi, under the heading: Vote Manipulation in the NRM primaries for District Chairperson and directly elected councillors from Sub-counties in Kole” he wrote – verbatim:

I kindly request you to refer to the above.

Generally, the above election was poorly attended in most villages, however votes registered in DR Forms were quite inflated and seemed not authentic since pen alternations were quite visible in most returned DR Forms.

To my surprise votes were inflated at very alarming ranges generally and in particular Ayer Sub-county, in Ilera parish.

There seemed to have been other actors that escalated the process of vote’s manipulation. This you will find from the contestants themselves, the evidences!

While I personally objected to declare the results of this election, I was directed to have it declared by the Head of Security, claiming it would result into population unrest.

My details you will find in the minutes attached.

Sir, if this matter is not given attention it deserves, Kole will go back to UPC as it was in 2015 and earlier.

I thank you.

According to Okello Alele, fake results arose from Alito, Okwerodot, Bala and part of Ayer. These results he said were “smuggled” in an ambulance above, and that genuine results were removed from the DR forms.

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