UPC WOES: Walubiri moves to block European Union Delegation visit to Akena group

Isaah Otto Amiza and his party president Peter Walubiri during a press conference last year in Kampala. File photo.


Ishaa Otto Amiza: “The visit to (Akena) is illegal and won’t be encouraged by the legitimate leadership under Walubiri.”

Kampala—7, September 2020: After Court of Appeal kicking out Hon. Jimmy Akena Obote as UPC party president, the late Obote’s son is heading for another diplomatic trouble.

Akena, who started his second term in office as UPC president on 1, August 2020 after the Delegates’ Conference, had announced key activities for his members ahead of 2021 general elections.

Few among many; mobilising resources and supporting all UPC candidates in every election, excluding national presidency.

However, with Monday Court ruling, he may rethink his agenda and promises.

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The latest details this digital publication has exclusively learnt are that Peter Walubiri Mukidi, the UPC party president who succeeded Joseph Bossa (RIP), has diplomatically moved to frustrate Akena and his group.

Mr Walubiri has instructed his (UPC) Secretary General, Hon. Isaah Otto Amiza to write to the European Union Delegation in Uganda (Embassies) not to visit Akena and his faction at Uganda House (UPC party Headquarters).

Earlier last month, the European Union Delegation in Uganda visited National Unity Platform (NUP)/People Power headquarters where they held talks with Bobi Wine.

The Delegation later visited FDC and DP leaderships. Several issues, key among them the 2012 general elections were discussed.

According to sources, the Delegation will visit UPC Party Headquarters on Floor 6, Uganda House on Wednesday, 9 September 2020.

However, according to Ishaa Otto Amiza, the visit is illegal and won’t be encouraged by the legitimate leadership under Walubiri.

“I wish to congratulate the European Union Delegation and Embassies in Kampala for their continued support and contributions toward Democracy, Rule of Law and Good Governance in Uganda,” Otto’s letter to the Delegation partly reads.

It adds: “We are aware, that, the European Union Delegation in Kampala has been moving around to hold courtesy meetings with leaders of the different Political Parties. We have also received information that, your teams, on a routine courtesy visit to Party Headquarters to meet the leadership of Political Parties, are scheduled to visit the head office of Uganda People’s Congress, UPC on Floor 6, Uganda House in the near future.”

“It’s on this note, that we wish to bring to your attention that, the person and leadership sitting at the UPC Headquarters and passing off as UPC Party President and his entire leadership is NOT the legitimate leadership of the party,” Otto, with instructions from Peter Walubiri stated, in the letter dated 2, September 2020.

Mr Otto further told the Delegation that “Hon. James Michael Akena and his purported leadership took the UPC party offices at Uganda House illegally in May 2015, following the aborted nomination exercise for the elections of the Party president.”

He continued that: “The matter of Hon. Akena’s Presidency was challenged in the High Court in Miscellaneous Cause No.86 of 2015 (Joseph Bossa & 2 others Vs UPC & Another) where Hon. Justice Yassin Nyanzi, in his judgement on 11th December 2015, declared that ‘purported elections of Jimmy Akena to UPC President was illegal, null and void for violating the UPC Constitution’”.

“We would advise that, the European Union Delegation notes this position and avoids transacting business with Hon. Akena as the leader of the Party,” the letter further reads.

Hon. Otto assured to the Delegation that the legitimate leadership of the party headed by Mr Peter Mukidi Walubiri and his Cabinet would be grateful and willing to engage the European Union Delegation on issues affecting UPC Party and Country as we head towards the general elections of 2021.

“UPC shall appreciate and be grateful to cooperate with European Union over issues relating to Democracy, Rule of Law and Good Governance,” the letter ends.

The office of the Head of European Union Delegation in Uganda has acknowledged receiving the letter, but could not reveal “what they will do next”.

Also, Belgium Embassy in Kampala also confirmed receipt of UPC’s letter addressed to them.

By press time, the Spokesperson of Akena led UPC at Uganda House was not available for a comment.

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