Agago: IGG blows NUSAF III scandal after GISO, councillors duped beneficiaries

Team from IGG and NUSAF III engaging beneficiaries in Agago recently.

By Mildred Auma

Agago—29, August 2020: A section of leaders among them politicians in Agago district are on tenterhooks over alleged abuse of office and diversion of animals procured by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) for the community through the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund—NUSAF III project.

Their treacherous act came to the limelight following complaints from the community, whistle-blowers and members of the community monitoring group for the NUSAF III project.

This attracted the attention of the Inspector General of Government—IGG who then instituted an inquiry in to the alleged scam.

It has been discovered that some leaders deleted names of some beneficiaries and replaced with either their names or for their relatives.

This has led to the recovery of 10 oxen and six ox-ploughs, which was distributed two weeks ago. These provisions were found in the homes of such greedy leaders in Omiya Pachwa sub-county.

Among the leaders whose names have come into disrepute following this scandal are: Omiya Pacwa LC5 councillor, John Bosco Oloya, Raymond Otim, the LCIII chairperson of Omiya Pacwa sub-county, Gombolola Internal Security Officer (GISO) Geoffrey Omony, Cicilio Otim, the councillor III, Lojim parish and two teachers; Francis Okidi and Thomas Ongom.

Some relatives of the leaders who also fraudulently benefited from the project are GISO’s mother, Doreen Acayo. She is the mother of the GISO Mr. Geoffrey Omony. Another is Akello Irene, a sister to the LC5 councillor of Omiya Pacwa and sister to a councillor III Lojim parish, Nighty Adonga.

Nelson Mandela Okidi, a member of the community monitoring group under the NUSAF III project, told TND News that the above leaders deleted names of the rightful beneficiaries nominated to benefit and replaced it with theirs and their relatives.

According to Okidi, the beneficiaries and the community reported the matter to him after a section of beneficiaries, mostly women, missed out on the distributed resources.

Mr Okidi notes that he investigated and verified the claims which he forwarded to the Inspectorate of Government.

Inspectorate of Government’s NUSAF III Focal Point Person, Mr Victus Omoding said that these leaders are ineligible to qualify because they are public officers and therefore are being in gainful employment.

According to Omoding, NUSAF III is meant for the “poorest of poor communities”.

He suspects that the leaders must have intimidated the Community-Based Facilitator, Bradford Okello into including their names into the NUSAF III Management Information System to benefit from the program.

Out of the recovered items, 2 ox ploughs have been reallocated to rightful beneficiaries, while the remaining 4 ox-ploughs and 10 oxen were handed over to the sub-county for reallocation.

Once rightful beneficiaries are identified next week, it will be given out, the publication has learnt.

“We are recovering the animals and reallocating them to the right beneficiaries as we deal administratively with these leaders,” Okidi told our Agago based correspondent.

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