Exclusive: Lira DHO, Dr Buchan’s interdiction letter leaks

Lira DHO, Dr Patrick Ocen Buchan (standing) has been interdicted.


Lira—27, August 27, 2020: On Wednesday, TND News’ story under the title, “Breaking: Lira DHO, Dr Buchan Ocen interdicted” got many by a suprise after the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mr Ben Otim Ogwete took the decision.

TND News had understood that the CAO decided after the DHO drove himself to Uganda’s Capital, Kampala in recent days without informing his office.

The above reason being one among the many, TND News has Thursday got a copy of the letter, detailing ‘reasons’ for Dr Ocen’s interdiction.

In a letter dated 24, August 2020 by Lira CAO to Dr Ocen Patrick Buchan, its introduction reads: “Your attention is hereby drawn to your gross misconduct which calumniated in the destruction of government property on the night of Saturday 22, August 27, 2020.”

“Reports have reached my office from the police at Diima as well as Kiryandongo Central Police Station vide Ref TAR 044/2020 regarding a fatal motor accident involving a Lira district vehicle donated by UNICEF/MOH which was being driven by you. The accident caused the death of a cyclist and further investigations are still ongoing,” the letter further reads.

“As a senior officer you are well aware that the Uganda Public Service Standing Order, 2010 requires that “A Public Officer shall maintain a high standard of personal conduct and integrity both in public and private life. Section F a (2) and that “A Public Officer is employed in public trust and on clear understanding and that the whole of his/her time is at the disposal of government” Section F-n (3).”

The CAO went on to explain that the “Code of Conduct and Ethics of the Uganda Public Service requires among other things that “A Public Officer shall observe the official working days in accordance with the regulations and shall always be available for duty when called upon.”

“It’s equally known to you that it’s a requirement that “A Public Officer shall without exception perform his or her duty in a manner that conveys professionalism, respect and conforms to morally accepted standards,” the letter adds.

“You are equally aware that government vehicles are supposed to be driven by the official drivers only and must be parked by 6:00pm.”

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