Health expert says decisions on Covid-19 prevention is compromised

Kampala—23, August 2020: Uganda is now registering an overwhelming number of Covid-19 cases for the first time since March this year.

Friday’s 318 cases were the highest number of the positives to be confirmed in a single day.

Following that, the Ministry of Health on Sunday afternoon confirmed 97 new Covid-19 cases from the tests done on Saturday, August 22, 2020.

And with 20 Covid-19 related deaths, all of which have occurred in less than one month, scientists predict hundreds of infections and more deaths in the coming weeks.

President Museveni is expected to meet scientists and the national Covid-19 task-force tomorrow (Monday) at State House. There are viral rumours that fresh lockdown is inevitable, including banning of public transport, among other strict measures.

However, many people, including non-scientists, believe that reintroducing another lockdown will not stop the virus from spreading, but taking personal responsibility will contain the pandemic.

Mr James William Mugeni, a Medical Clinical Officer and a Certified Public Manager in one of his columns (op-eds) published by TND News, says Uganda’s health system has been compromised by the regime.

He says, because of this, health officials have adhered to president Museveni’s directives, leaving out their professional doctrines.

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Mr Mugeni has often said advocating for the second phase of lockdown should provide answers to the many questions the public has about the first lockdown.

“Is it true people are not adhering to instructions to prevent Covid-19, and if so why? What do we think should be done as a country, not as individuals in the second lockdown?

The medical clinical officer is against suggestion to government (president) to reintroduce lockdowns, adding that “much emphasis should have been put to enhance the existing statuses of current health facilities” during first lockdown, warning the country’s scientists against misleading the president.

“As health professionals, we are supposed to be without blemish. We heal the sick; we provide comfort; we give hope; we help keep families well; we feed the hungry; we create safe spaces; we keep things clean, we volunteer, we answer questions; we offer solutions; we make people laugh; we treat infections; we treat cancers and everything in between,” he added.

Living in the United States of America where Covid-19 cases stand at 5,843,084 and 180,217 deaths, he told this digital publication that cases will continue to increase even after lockdown is put in place.

Like Mugeni, a man calling himself Mukasa Joshua whose opinion on Covid-19 has gone viral, says “Covid-19 team says they do not quarantine very sick patients until proven to have Covid-19.”

“So health workers should continue to be exposed until the patient is proved positive for Covid-19. This is the case in most regional referral hospitals. This is where we are as a country,” he said in his opinion.

He wants government to invest in the health system. “To establish appropriate facilities, funds, supplies and human resource (well motivated or not).”

“Let us stop the pretence that things are okay. That we are ready to die in reckless circumstances. That we are more patriotic than our leaders who have paid a deaf ear and blind eye to these obvious problems.”

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