Yosam Odur Ebii ‘seeks to cling to power’

Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii who's the LCF Paramount Chief handing over a document to President Museveni at Golf Course in Lira three years ago. Looking on [M] is Dr Richard Nam - ex-Premier. File photo.


Lira—August 20, 2020: A section of people in Lango sub-region say they are concerned why Yosam Odur Ebii is still seeking to cling to office through cabinet reshuffles and to conduct cultural-related activities yet he is no longer their Lango chief.

Mr Alfred Okuta, a resident of formerly Central Division (now Lira City East Division) said: “Odur has made new cabinet changes because he still want to cling to power but is not a chief anymore, not even those he appointed are his workers, they will work at his home to rear his birds and livestock alongside other economic activities such farming not our leaders, we don’t know them.”

“Odur was out through a court on the 12th of April 2018 in a landmark judgment by Dr. Lady Justice Winfred Nabisinde, in the High Court of Uganda Holden in Lira; court has declared that Dr Eng Michael Moss Odongo Okune’s election was properly done and currently no one in sub-region recognise him or know him as our paramount chief……,” he added.

Mr Kenneth Odongo, one of the boda boda riders in Lira City, says Mzee Odur wants to die in leadership, yet he can’t handle matters of the institution efficiently and effectively for the next generation.

“Odur must quit leadership to pave way for development. Why is he still clinging on? He has not brought any appropriate basic human needs such as education, health among other services for his people,” he said on Wednesday.

“I attended the new cabinet meeting held last week on the 14th at the Cultural Centre, it was very disappointing and poorly done, only 15 clan heads attended the function. Also, he will spoil president Museveni votes in this region,” he added.

Mr Lameck Okwir, a businessman in Lira City, however, said: “Odur must leave leadership in the hands of young and energetic person who is exposed and is able to lobby for development from government and development partners for its people.”

Another, Mr Morris Omara a welder in Lira City said: “Dr Okune’s Lawyers of Okello Oryem and Company Advocates also is still mounting pressure on Odur demanding shs715 million accruing from court award.”

Another bodaboa riders Mr Paul Okite said Odur has been in leadership for many years but people have gain nothing he is just a leader of mass loses no hope in him.

“I am appealing to the government, especially to President Museveni, to tell Lango that Dr Okune is the head of the institution if we are to realise a sustainable development in our region,” one Bosco Okuta said.

However, the Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Mr Don Wanyama, said it is not the president who appoints a paramount chief.

“The president does not appoint the paramount chief, it is the matter of Lango to sort out their issues of their chief,” he said on the phone on Wednesday.

The institution’s speaker, Mr Benson Walter Dila, in an interview from Lira Hotel said: “It is true the institution made cabinet changes because the paramount chief has a mandate (s) to appoint and disappoint any cultural leader; his power is final as it is mandated by the constitution of the republic of Uganda article 246 to be the King,” Mr Dila said.

According to Mr Dila, the chief has appointed Engineer Robert James Ajal as the Prime Minister deputised by Mr Levi Okodi Macpio as the first deputy Prime Minister, Mr Tom Odur Anang as the second deputy Prime Minister and Mr Joe Olang Eric as the third deputy Prime

“All these names were brought before the general assembly and our meeting was cleared by the Office of the Minister for Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero. We followed the guidelines,” Mr Dila added.

“The reshuffle took place at the Cultural Institution’s Centre in Central Division in Lira City last Friday14th of this month,” he told this publication.

Mr Dila said: “We have 150 clan leaders in the sub-region so I am appealing to them to work hand-in-hand with the new leaders and the paramount chief to develop the institution.”

Addressing the nation on Covid-19 early this year, President Museveni’s recognition of Mzee Odur as Lango Paramount Chief caused mixed reactions from some Lango natives.

Some say it was good for the president to ‘clear the air’ by letting them know ‘it’s Odur Ebii who’s the Lango cultural chief’.

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