Acholi has the best land for growing tea – expert tells residents

Assistant CAO Gulu DLG Mr Oryem Auric and EFOTI Limited Director Edwin Beekunda Atukunda [R] in June. File photo.

Gulu—August, 19, 2020: The people of Acholi sub-region have been advised to embark and embrace tea growing as a way to elevate them from poverty.

Edwin Atukunda Beekunda, an agriculturist (tea expert) who’s a founder and director of Edwin Foundation Tea Initiative (EFOTI Limited) said this while addressing media from Gulu City from Lugore government prisons on Monday.

EFOTI Limited has established a tea and fruits nursery beds at Lugore prisons in a bid to propagate tea farming in Acholi sub-region.

He says the only way for Acholi people to eradicate poverty is through embarking on tea growing since the land has the best nutrients for tea growing.

“….in most of the areas and soil samples we have tested within this region, it (land) has the rightful nutrients required for tea growing.” Mr Atukunda added.

He rubbishes a notion where most of the locals within this region say tea can only grow best in mountainous areas.

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Mr Atukunda also says northern Uganda has the best geographical location which can produce the highest yield of tea, compared to the other part of this country which always flood during heavy down pour.

He advised residents to embrace tea for poverty eradication and job creation for unemployed and poor youth within the region, many of whom have been affected by the over 20 years of insurgency.

The expert says an acre of tea garden takes approximately 450 to 500 seedlings and can be harvested within a period of 2 years, and after every 2 weeks it can produce 500 kilograms.

However, 80 percent of the tea produced in Uganda are exported to the global markets, and only 20 percent are consumed locally.

Speaking to TND News on Tuesday morning, Mr Atukunda says Gulu RDC, Maj Santos Okot Lapolo will be the chief guest to launch tea project in Acholi sub-region.

This function, he says, will take place starting this afternoon (mid day) at Lugore prisons, north of Gulu City.

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