MP Ocen Akalo re-joins UPC, gets instant kicks by Ebil Ebil

SG Fred Ebil Ebil reading polls roadmap outside party Headquarters in July. File photo.

Kole—August 18, 2020: Father of the nation as he is commonly referred to by many, Dr Milton Apollo Obote (RIP) could be ‘turning in his grave’ as he watches the hitherto a strong political party plunging and one squabble to another.

Also, a UPC founder and a leader as well as a political adviser for many years until his death, Milton Obote loved UPC beyond doubt.

After his death, the once a vibrant political party, UPC, soon entered into many squabbles, but specifically ‘internal democracy and supremacy’.   

From bickering among two factions all claiming supremacy of the party, to a series of court cases some yet to be disposed off by court, now, party supporters are witnessing a former party member being blocked from nomination for the internal electoral process of the party.

The latest controversy is now in Kole South between the incumbent MP, Hon. Peter Ocen Akalo and Fred Ebil Ebil, the Secretary General of the party who is also vying for Kole South MP seat.

On Monday evening, Peter Ocen Akao declared over local media houses in Lira City that he has taken a decision to return to Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party, which he left in 2016.

Ocen also announced that he equally picked forms and got nominated to run for the MP seat of Kole South on UPC ticket.

But this moment was short lived after UPC Secretary General, Hon. Fred Ebil Ebil (ex-MP) cancelled Ocen’s nomination on grounds that he did not get endorsement from genuine party leaders in Akalo, his area of residence.

According to Ebil, a one Thomas Obote who signed on Ocen’s papers is no longer the UPC chairperson of Akalo sub-county and should be prosecuted for forging party stamp and other documents.

Mr Ebil says his friend Akalo should have sought the endorsement of Jasper Okello, who is the right chairperson UPC of Akalo.

“He was wrongfully nominated by my deputy but as the Secretary General of the party I have the powers to cancel the nominations and I have done so because some letters endorsing his candidature showed acts of forgery,” Ebil roared.

Ebil Ebil who lost to Ocen Akalo in the 2016 elections is competing against the incumbent in the upcoming polls and has already been nominated to contest on UPC primary elections.

Meanwhile, Peter Ocen Akalo has sharply reacted to Ebil’s action and described it as “barbaric” and said as far as he is concerned, he is already back to UPC and will duly take part in the primary elections.

Ocen Akalo was previously UPC when he served Kole as district LC5 chairperson but went on an independent ticket claiming he was unfairly defeated in the UPC primary elections in 2015.

Outside UPC, NRM favourite, Eddy Morris Ogweng is salivating for the same seat while “money bag” Dean Denis Omeni Rwankote will run as an independent candidate.

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