Remark by H.E Julius Peter Moto at the Iteso Cultural Union Education Fund launch

Amb Julius Peter Moto.

Your Highness, The Emorimor Papa Iteso Augustine K. Lemukol Osuban;

Prime Minister of Iteso Cultural Union, and your cabinet members;

Michael Okwalinga Emmanuel, The Representative of Emorimor in UK and all representatives in other places;

Chairman Iteso Cultural Union UK and your esteemed members.

London – August, 15 2020: I accepted the invitation extended to me by the Executive Director of IUC UK, Dr Patrick Igulot, when he contacted me to give a brief remark at the launching the Teso Education Fund, an event of the Iteso Cultural Union UK. Technology has made it possible for us to meet virtually.

Due to Covid-19 I am not able to meet all of you face to face to share some adere, atapa kede idia. I pray that a sustainable solution to this pandemic be engineered fast so that we can continue to serve humanity and socialise amicably.

The purpose of ICU UK is to benefit the public to ameliorate and assist people in need who are the victims of natural and human disasters by providing them with education, health care, support to their livelihoods, protection of the environment, and promotion of their culture in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Africa. Education was mentioned as the first item. We all strive to get educated to experience a good livelihood. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today—Malcolm X

Under the leadership of President Museveni, the Government of Uganda launched the Universal Primary Education in Uganda in 1997. Immediately enrolment increased from over two million pupils to the current almost eight million. More girls enrolled in schools.

Key milestone:

“The Teso Education Forum (TEF) has so far raised £8,000 for education promotion and was launched today (Saturday) in London by His Highness, The Emorimor Papa Iteso Augustine K. Lemukol Osuban.”

To address challenges of the transition to post-primary education, the Universal Post Primary Education and Training (UPPET) as well as sports for enhancing citizens’ wellness/health/productivity and the country’s image. UPPET programme was launched in February 2007, making Uganda the first country in Africa to provide free education at this level. Consequently, enrolment grew rapidly. More girls stayed in school than ever before.

The government is also concurrently exploring options for revitalization and strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to provide demand-driven skills under the encapsulating term of ‘Skilling  Uganda’.

Although in figurative terms, there are great numbers country wide to count in terms of learners’ enrolment, increased numbers of permanent classroom blocks, increased numbers of public Universities, increased numbers of graduates from Universities and tertiary institutions, etc, Uganda is still faced with challenges of quality, consistency and sustaining programs at national and district local government levels.

The surge in school enrolments has many budgetary implications ranging from supporting infrastructure, staff to learner’s ratio; employment after studies and staff / learners welfare. We ask Ugandans to be patient with government as rebuilding an agrarian economy is not easy, and now that Covid-19 has not spared us either.

These problems are not insurmountable, and there is a work in progress. It is in the plan of Government of Uganda that over time, a quality education shall be availed to every learner regardless of their family background and community to which they belong.

We thank all bilateral and multilateral sources of state and non-state funders that have stood with us in the provision of suitable learning environments in Uganda and scholarships to Ugandans, notable among which are Her Majesty & UK Government/DfiD, Commonwealth Scholarships, Irish Government, Government of the Peoples Republic of China, The Russian Federation, the USA/USAID, The World Bank/IDA, Government of Japan, EU member states, Algerian Government and African Development Bank who have been giving both short & long-term grants and loans towards targeted education sector improvements for manpower development in Uganda.

The efforts of ICU UK and all other Ugandan organisations world over are hereby commended in the same vein. You have demonstrated that you do care in paying it forward to Ugandans. These actions by donors, foreign governments, and Ugandan organisations compliments efforts of government of Uganda in provision of quality and relevant education services to citizens of Uganda.

Uganda High Commission in London is happy to associate with ICU UK because your programs compliment government efforts that benefit Ugandans. It is much appreciated. Every little helps.

I thank you for listening to me.

For God and My Country

H.E Julius Peter Moto,

Uganda’s Ambassador to United Kingdom and Ireland

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