Eddy Ogweng: “Elect leaders not because they’re qualified, but right”

Eddy Morris Ogweng addressing the media on Friday in Lira City.


Kole—August 15, 2020: As National Resistance Movement (NRM) party primary elections draw nearer, voters have been tipped on the mechanics that should inform their decisions on who to elect.

“Someone should not be elected to represent his or her people just because they are qualified but because they are the right candidates.”

The above advice came from Eddy Morris Ogweng, an aspirant for Kole South Member for Parliament under the ruling NRM party.

Addressing the media at Pacific Grand Hotel yesterday (Friday), Mr Eddy Morris Ogweng said it is very prudent for voters to take interest on the issues or agenda presented by various candidates because it is a social contract that they make with the voters and must be ‘issues-based’.

“I know the person I am running against is also qualified but I am telling our people of Kole South that it is not only about qualifications, and that is why I am saying I am the right candidate to take the voice of Kole South to Parliament and I want to win with a huge margin,” Ogweng further told media.

Mr. Morris Ogweng is a Ugandan, hailing from Baramindyang, Telela, Ayer sub-county in Kole district.

He holds Masters in International Cooperation & Humanitarian Aid from Kalu Institute, Spain. He also obtained Masters in International Development, Virtual University.

Mr. Ogweng further holds a Postgraduate in Mental Health in Complex Emergencies, jointly awarded by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Fordham University, New York

The MP hopeful also attended Makerere University and obtained Bachelors of Community Psychology.

Speaking to TND News, Ogweng said his decision to join the race for Kole South MP was a demand from the community across the constituency. Kole South is currently represented by Hon. Peter Ocen Akalo, who went as an independent but a UPC leaning member.

The latest parliamentary scorecard, released a fortnight ago or so, reflected him as one legislator who are usually mute in parliament. He scored a paltry 25 percent.

“I am a UPC supporter and I voted for the incumbent in the last election but for sure I was disappointed with the performance of my legislator and I think eloquent candidates like Eddy Morris Ogweng who is so articulate should be given a chance,” Jeremiah Okunyo, a voter in Akalo told this digital newspaper.

Judith Anyago, a youth leader in Bala sub-county is however delighted with the new measures promulgated by the electoral commission and said it will “surely compel our contestants to use digital means to reach us and when they go on Radio for instance, we will be able to gauge their level of debate and this will inform our decision but I already decided on Mr Ogweng.”

Meanwhile, Mr Ogweng says key on his agenda is to ensure that literacy level in Kole South and as a district improves. He intends to uplift the standards of the educational infrastructures through lobbying for resources from philanthropists which he boats of having connections with in North America and Europe.

Ogweng is also a permanent representative of Lango community in North America, which he has used to attract many Lango sons and daughters to come back to Uganda and invest in the development of Lango and Uganda at large.

As a successful fish famer which attracted President Museveni to his home, Ogweng has pledged to improve the livelihoods of the peasants in his constituency by ensuring they are aligned to the value chain to enhance their income, which eventually uplift them from poverty.


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