Post Covid-19 plan, Lango in diaspora offers support to vulnerable communities home

GDI Director Ken Owani (1st from Left) handing over seeds from Lango Association UK in Inomo.

Lira—August 14, 2020: With no signs yet to show novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is leaving us soon, different organisations, companies and individuals have started to plan for post Covid-19 era.

To rescue families that could slip into abject poverty and face food insecurity, philanthropic Lango sons and daughters living in the diaspora have given their supports back home.

Through an initiative dubbed “Dero Kec”, loosely translated as “a granary for food security”, Lango in the diaspora are rigorously mobilising resources, and also lobbying from communities and organizations across Europe to help their people back home.

Firstly, they have formally formed Lango Association UK which brings together Lango living in various European countries and largely UK and Ireland.

Lango Association UK is steered by Geoffrey Odur as its Chairperson also referred to as Chancellor. He is deputised by James Ameny (Vice Chairperson).

Regan Odongo is the finance controller or treasurer, and Martin Lanek is the coordinator.

Back home in Lango, Global Support Development Initiative Uganda – (GDI-Uganda) headed by Ken Allan Owani as executive director. His organisation is helping to coordinate Lango Association UK, the main funder of the current project to channel resources and ensure it reaches the communities.

Mr Owani told this digital publication that Lango Association UK is working in partnership with GDI-Uganda as an “implementing grassroot organisation”.

Largely all the nine districts of Lango which include Amolatar, Oyam, Apac, Dokolo, Kwania, Lira, Alebtong, Kole and Otuke have flat arable land which favours food production and the sub-region is regarded as a food basket that feeds the rest of the country, and Lango Association UK has chosen the approach of supporting their brothers and sisters back home with seeds.

“We identified that we needed to support the elderly, children led families or orphans; widows, young expectant mothers and the seeds we are giving you, once you receive (seeds) we want you to plant them so that you are better prepared to cope with future crisis…,” Chancellor Geoffrey Odur told TND News virtually from London.

So far, selected beneficiaries from Alebtong and Apac districts have benefitted from this support of Lango Association UK through GDI.

On Wednesday, over 177 selected beneficiaries from 17 villages drawn from Agwiciri and Banya parishes in Inomo sub-county, Kwania district received seeds through Global Development Support Initiative.

Each beneficiary received 3kgs of sim-sim and 5kgs of bean seeds from GDI-Uganda’s Ken Allan Owani.

Speaking to the beneficiaries, Mr Owani told the community in Inomo that the support is none political but a good gesture from Lango sons and daughters of goodwill in the Diaspora.

Mr. Owani said they would have loved to enormously support vulnerable communities with seeds in a bid to improve on their socio-economic statuses, but appealed to them to embrace the little they have mobilised.

He appealed to the beneficiaries not to eat the seeds but plant so they can have food in their homes and also better income to sustain their livelihoods.

Asked by TND News on the number of beneficiaries they target to reach in Lango with the seeds distributions, Regan Odongo, the treasurer of Lango Association UK had this to say. “We are flowing here also based on the contribution we are receiving from here in Europe…..our target is  the people who are in need and we go by data from the probation officers from various districts in Lango and we target to reach over 3000 beneficiaries…..”

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