Museveni urges youths in his “2020 IYF World Youth Connect” camp message

President Museveni (top right) and other keynote speakers.

Kampala—August 7, 2020: The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) organizes various programs for the youths, among them the National Mindset Education program, volunteer programs, and Annual IYF World Camp.

The annual camp is held in Korea and other countries around the globe which include Uganda. The camp reaches to over 100,000 youths annually.

Rev. Dr Ock Soo Park (R) was the Guest Speaker during the 2020 IYF World Youth Connect.

This year, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, many countries are in a desperate situation and many governments are encouraging social distancing and the “stay at home” strategy. Therefore, it became impossible to conduct the World Camp psychically as always, a statement from the chief organiser, International Youth Fellowship says.

Participants (youths) from different countries. Above from (L to R) are some key speakers.

“It is for this reason that we were able to conduct the Camp, which has been renamed “2020 IYF World Youth Connect” From 30th. The camp was conducted online with the objective of instilling hope and providing direction to the many desperate youths in these trying times. It is hoped that after attending this camp, the youth will revisit their ambitions and refocus their lives for the better. Over 5 million youths all around the world were able to participate,” IYF Country Director, Kim Hyoung Jin says in a statement.

His statement adds that the event was graced by the keynote speakers which include H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, H.E V.P Edward Ssekandi, Hon Rosemary Seninde, Prof. Maggie Kigozi, LT. Gen. Angina, Dep. Principal Secretary Office of Vice President and the Main Speaker Dr. Ock Soo Park, the Founder of International Youth Fellowship.

The Camp activities included “academies, mind lecture sessions, empowerment talk series, got talent shows, and musical performances”.

“IYF is committed to youth development through camps, education, and other services.”

In his address to participants who attended from across the world, H.E Vice President Edward Ssekandi had this to say:

“….the Youth Connect Online Camp has given an opportunity for the youth to come together amidst the pandemic to share stories, have cultural experiences of entertainment, devise solutions to their problems and revitalise hope among themselves.”

He added: “This summit has proved that a philosophical outlook of a “Global Village” of Sir Marshal Mc Luhan is still real today as then, powered by the advancement of technology and networks….”

Also, President Yoweri Museveni commended IYF Founder Mr Ock Soo Park, first for inviting him, and also commended their working with youths.

“I would like to commend you and your team for the work you are undertaking at the International Youth Fellowship. It is good that you are organising such an important online conference to allow the youths to come together amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic. I am also happy to learn that the objective of the conference is to “instil hope and provide direction for the many desperate youth at this trying time”.”

Read the president’s full statement below:

I wish to thank the founder of International Youth Fellowship, Mr Ock Soo Park, for inviting me to speak to the youth who are participating in this important world camp online. I commend you for employing creativity in conducting this unprecedented online camp, which has attracted millions of youths from every corner of the globe.

The restrictions that the global coronavirus global pandemic has imposed on our free movement and physical interaction cannot stop the flow of information and change of ideas.

Long before the marvels of the printing press, the radio, television and later internet were invented, ideas about improving the living standards of mankind were being spread from one place to another. This is how civilisations were able to benefit and enrich each other in the areas of agriculture, civil rule, military architecture, and the arts, etc.

None of the civilization were developed in isolation, besides being miles apart. Today’s youth stands at a greater advantage than any generation before because the information revolution has condensed the entire globe into your mobile phones.

Therefore, this online world camp is a wonderful opportunity to equip the young people with the right set of ideas and attitudes which should stir them to participate in the development agenda of their respective communities.

The vitality and energy that you possess on account of your youthfulness should be directed towards productive and profitable ventures in the sectors of: agriculture, ICT, industries and services. Cultivating an entrepreneurial mind-set is what will propel you forward as resourceful members of the global community. You can achieve this, most meaningfully by working in organised groups where you pool together the financial and material resources at your disposal.

I urge you to desist from reckless behaviour and practices which pose a danger to your health and undermine the full functioning of your mental faculties. You must remain healthy in order to build and prosperity for yourselves, families and nations.

Finally, I wish you a fruitful deliberation and ask that you put in practice all the useful ideas that will arise from the 2020 world camp.

I thank you all.

Youth following live statement early this month.

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