Profile: Women in the race for Mbarara City Woman MP

Women in the for Mbarara City Woman MP 2020_2021. A photo collage of TND News

Mbarara—August 6, 2020: With NRM primary elections due soon, several people are moving up and down to prepare for the same.

In Mbarara City, a race for a woman parliamentary representative has attracted seven people who have all picked nomination forms from the NRM secretariat in Kampala.

They will be nominated starting from 8, August 2020 ahead of the forthcoming NRM primary elections.

Those who picked nomination forms have been dominating talks in the City, since the current Mbarara Woman MP, Rosette Mutambi Kajunju, is not coming back to contest for the same position.

The race has also attracted the former Mbarara district Woman Member of Parliament, Emma Boona.

These women who have shown interest and picked nomination forms to run in the NRM primaries include:

Emma Boona

Emma Boona is a resident of both Nyakayojo and Kakiika. She is a former Mbarara district Woman Member of Parliament and was defeated by Rosette Mutambi Kajungu in 2016.

Emma Boona, according to some political analysts, she is someone who can bring back the glory of Mbarara if she can work on her previous mistakes that led to her defeat by Kajungu in 2016.

However, Emma Boona is always accused by Mbarara locals of not doing enough to help them and start for them projects to help them overcome poverty. Also, a section of locals in Mbarara says Boona is ageing up and not in a position to defend the interests of Mbarara city.

Jolly Kagira Tumwine

Kagira was the former councillor for Nyakinengo and Kishaasha wards in Biharwe division and a secretary for social services in the then Mbarara municipal council.

Kagira who’s a resident of Biharwe division in Mbarara city is another woman who picked up nomination forms to contest as a Woman MP for Mbarara city.

Jolly Kagira was one of the vocalist councillors in the then Mbarara municipal council. She showed her interest after learning that Kajungu Mutambi, the current Mbarara district Woman MP, was not coming back.

She is someone who was at the forefront, advocating for the restoration of River Rwizi in Mbarara. She also advocated for a corruption free town in the regime of Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, the Mayor of Mbarara City.

Claire Kyosiimire

Claire is a born of Rukungiri district and a resident of Kakyenkye East cell, Kakiika division and a former employee of Vision Group before switching to Endigito radio in Mbarara.

She has been the station manager of Greater African Radio in Mbarara.

Claire is a new entrant in the politics of Mbarara; she is someone who can fight for the rights of women in Mbarara since she has been throughout advocating for the same during her time working with a media.

Claire Kyosiimire frequently has been heard telling people that after voting her into the 11th Parliament she will build a resource centre that with help the women of Mbarara to learn different skills for their development purposes.

“As we talk, there is no office for the woman Member of Parliament for Mbarara where people’s issues….” she said.

Bonnie Kiconco Mutungi Kasheija

Kiconco is the current executive director, Center for Woman in Governance. She is someone who can fully fight for the rights of women when given a chance to represent them in parliament.

The 46-year-old is a resident of Nyamitanga that borders Nyakayojo. She has experience in handling issues of women. She has been working closely with them for many years.

However, some locals accused Mutungi of not moving to all the areas within the city.

Some say although they have been closely dealing with her on issues affecting women, they want her to come down to the grassroot to ask for support.

Rita Atukwase Bwahika

Rita Atukwase is another new entrant in the politics of Mbarara and she is someone who can fully represent women of Mbarara City after winning the forthcoming NRM primaries and general elections.

Bwahika is a born of Nyakayojo division in Mbarara City. Locals who spoke to this publication says she is little known to them.

Some locals say she doesn’t even know some places in the City. The aspirant has spent more years without settling in Mbarara. Voters are wondering why she has decided to come at this hour asking them to support her.

Dona Kyomugisha

Kyomugisha is a born of Kakoba division. She is not new to the politics of Mbarara since she has been a councillor representing Kakoba division the district council.

Commonly known as ‘Orusaniya Rwaboona’, Kyomugisha picked nomination forms to take part in the NRM primaries.

Kyomusha has support from her own division of Kakoba since they have tested her leadership skills during her tenure as a district councillor.

She is using her appearances (beauty) to attract several youths to follow her, especially those who believe that Mbarara City should be represented by someone who is younger and fresh.

The race for Mabarara City Woman MP has attracted at least seven aspirants, all from NRM party.

Anita Ayebare Kasyata

A born of Nyamitanga division in Mbarara City, she is another new entrant in the politics of Mbarara.

Kasyata’s candidature gained momentum after Mbarara was officially given a city status on 1, 07, 2020 by the Minister of local government, Raphael Magyezi.

Since then, she has been busy doing clandestine work to unseat Kajungu as the next woman Member of Parliament for Mbarara City.

She has massive support from the youth who always advocate that Mbarara City should have a new look in terms of politics.

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