Mitooma Woman MP, Kamateeka, rival Arinaitwe in unending war

MP Jovah Kamateeka her political rival Jacqueline Arinaitwe.

Mitooma—5, August 2020: The war between the Mitooma district MP, Jovah Kamateeka and his political tormentor Jacqueline Arinaitwe has taken a new and interesting twist.

This is after Arinaitwe has been moving around informing the locals in Mitooma that she made an agreement with Kamateeka over the future of politics in Mitooma district.

Commonly known as Mugore among the locals of Mitooma, Arinaitwe has frequently been informing the locals that after the last elections in 2016, she and Kamateeka entered an agreement and that in that accord, they agreed that Kamateeka should step down in 2021 in fever her.

Arinitwe is a born of Rutooma village,  Mushunga sub-county in Mitooma district and this is her third time contesting as a Member of Parliament for Mitooma district but in all the three attempts she has never won.

Now, in a dramatic turn of event, Kamateeka betrayed their accord. This publication can report that the pair no longer face each other.

Kamateeka has denied the accusation that has been labelled against her, saying that she had never entered into an agreement with Arinaitwe that she will step down for her.

Kamateeka asked Arinaitwe to bring out the copy of the agreement they made in 2016 after the general elections.

She said Arinaitwe who is using her former campaign Manager, Con Yoramu Ssempa is moving around informing the locals that the two entered into an agreement which she says is fake.

“Eventually, I will retire from the politics of Mitooma district but I don’t want someone to use false information to mislead our people. The people of Mitooma understand, and they know what is good for them,” said Kamateeka, during a radio talk shows in Ishaka town.

She wondered how she could have entered into an agreement with someone who after the night of elections moved to Kampala and left the issues of Mitooma for those who are permanently there.

When this publication contacted her about the copy of the agreement she made with Jovah Kamateeka, the embattled Arinaitwe said that during the last elections Kamateeka was serving her last team of office as the Mitooma district Women Member of Parliament.

When contacted, Sam Mujurizi, a resident of Mitooma town council, said the issue between Kamateeka and Arinaitwe has been contagious among the locals of Mitooma district.

He adds that unless they can be availed with a copy of the agreement between the two; they don’t know who is telling them the truth.

Mujurizi said that most of the politicians have built their political careers on false information and to mislead them (voters).

“It’s dangerous for the development of Mitooma district,” he added.

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