ANALYSIS: Arsenal bags 17.3Bn after FA Cup victory over Chelsea

Arsenal players enjoying FA Cup victories. Courtesy photo.

Kampala—2, August 2020: Arsenal have won the FA Cup for the record 14th times after thrashing Chelsea FC 2:1 on Saturday 1, August 2020 at Wembley Stadium, London.

Two goals from Captain Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was enough to claim victory for the Gunners who have endured tough seasons prior and after Mikel Arteta took over from his compatriot, Unai Emery in December 2019.

With less than nine months as Arsenal Head Coach, Arteta, who had won the same competition as an Arsenal player and as a captain, knew winning the FA Cup would salvage the season, and above all qualify for Europe’s second best competitions, Europa League.

With Saturday victory over Frank Lampard’s Blues, Arsenal will take part in the next season Europa League.

They have finished 8th in the Premier League and Europe’s competitions for next season was not within their hands.

Besides winning England’s oldest Cup, it’s not yet certain if Captain Pierre Emerick Aubamenyang’s and Alexandra Lacazzete time at Arsenal will be added. The former has less than a year in his current contact with the club and the French man’s contract will expire in 2022.

Mikel Arteta has expressed his willingness to build his team alongside his captain, a big hope Arsenal’s top scorer will sign another contract soon.

The FA Cup victory may come as a big boost to Arteta in his quest to rebuild his squad ahead of 2020/2021 season, tentatively planned to start in mid-September.

After lifting the FA Cup, what are Arsenal’s gains?

The North London most successful club, besides a trophy, secured 3.6 million British Pounds Sterling (BPS), an equivalent of 17,380,977,292.80 Billion Uganda shillings. This is only for winning the final.

Meanwhile, Chelsea was paid 1.8 million British Pounds Sterling, an equivalent of 8,690,488,646.40 Billion Uganda shillings. This is also not the only amount Chelsea got.

Both Chelsea and Arsenal had bagged 8.6 Billion (in UGX) for their victories against Manchester United and Manchester City in the semi-finals.

Arsenal defeated Holders City while Chelsea hammered Manchester United. Both losers received 4,345,244,323.20 Billion (in UGX) for their efforts.

FA Cup Price money breakdown for 2019/2020 season.

First Round Proper Winner (40) got paid 173,809,772.93 (in UGX)

Second Round Proper Winner (20) got paid 260,714,659.39 (in UGX)

Third Round Proper Winner (32) got paid 651,786,648.48 (in UGX)

Fourth Round Proper Winner (16) got paid 869,048,864.64 (in UGX)

Fifth Round Proper Winner (8) got paid 1,738,097,729.28 9 (in UGX)

Quarter final winners (4) got paid 3,476,195,458.56 (in UGX)

Semi-final winners (2) got paid 8,690,488,646.40 (in UGX)

Semi-final losers (2) got paid 4,345,244,323.20 (in UGX)

Final runners-up (1) got paid 8,690,488,646.40 (in UGX)

Final winners (Arsenal FC) got paid 17,380,977,292.80 (in UGX).

Please note that for purposes of understanding the amount paid to each participating club, the author converted from British Pounds Sterling to local currency (Uganda shillings).

The writer is an ardent Arsenal fan. Email:

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