A Uganda of excellence not a crumbling one should be our focus

Author: Justine Ojok Ogwella.


By Justine Ojok Ogwella

2, August 2020: Uganda as a nation is one of the geographical sections of the world which is extremely blessed with a lot of resources.

And with that, it has got the potential of developing at unimaginable rate if only the people that God has entrusted the country in their hands with authority can properly plan and allocate resources strategically; together as a team with a unanimous consent agenda.

Right from the days of the struggle for independence when Uganda was still under protectorate government, the focus of potential leaders in authority has always been who has the power; who is the president, who has the greatest authority over the country, its resources and authority over the citizen other than how can we develop the country strategically for our generation and the generation to come.

And because of all these long-standing confusions and lack of strategic goals, as a matter of fact, we have always hit a dead end year-in-year out; just struggling for authority other than developing our country.

It doesn’t really matter who is the president in order to develop a nation, if it does, then it’s to a very minute extent. What matters is, how united are we as citizens of a country? What are our priorities as a country? How are we planning to address these priorities to a long term super benefit of the country?

Can we identify and arrange our priorities in order of importance and allocate resources towards them, respectively? Who are we entrusting with the powers to implement our priority agenda on our behalf as citizens? How are we going to monitor, evaluate them and hold them accountable in the roles we have assigned them as a nation?

All the above have got nothing to do with the president but the citizens at various stages of governance.

With decentralization system of governance in place, if, national, regional, district and sub-county budgeting and its associated planning, allocation of resources and implementation can hit our primary needs, as a country with proper monitoring and evaluation, then the president has nothing to do with the development of our country other than we the citizens having a greater hand in developing our own country.

Hence, the change of mindset that the development of a country is the responsibility of the president other than a collective effort of citizens is highly called for. We need to take up the responsibility as citizens to develop our country together other than blaming our failures as a nation on one person.

Frustratingly, much time in Uganda is consumed discussing how the incumbent (president) and the ruling government have failed and must go other than debating our needs as a country and how can we address them. I don’t think engaging the executive, legislative, judiciary and whatever arms of government that take active governance in positive and developmental discussion would fail to yield a fruit that can benefit the entire country.

There are many ways of approaching a problem. If critics and blames are not yielding, why don’t we shift to using proposals of possible solutions and a way forward to a particular challenge of national concern? We preach cross generational hatred other than unity and togetherness; it is time for us to change our approach to leadership and governance, to unity, love and collective responsibility.

In a nutshell, if we can have a unanimous consent agenda geared towards excellence other than crumbling the country with petty tribal and political conflicts, we can achieve a lot as a country in business, health, education, transport, tourism and regional cooperation.

We can also do well in terms of international trade and security, fronting our country for good global competition. It is my prayer that we shift our focus from our indifferences to how we can achieve togetherness and build our country as Ugandans.

Honestly, allow me to say compliments to those who have led this country from independence to the present for they have done a great job and we need to strive to get better day by day as a country hoping we shall cordially build the Uganda we all desire and dream of together.

Hope to have a chat with President YKM soon

For God and My Country.

The author is a Medical Clinical Officer and an Administrative Scientist

Email: drjustineojok@gmail.com Mobile: +256 772 336 130

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