Op-ed: A court clerk who forged court orders, stealing shs1.6b should be employed by BoU

Central Bank of Uganda has had both administrative and financial issues for good years. Courtesy photo.


By Stephen Charles Olet

Kampala—28, July 2020: There is this case of a 31-year-old court clerk who forged court orders and allegedly stole over 1.6 billion shillings from Bank of Uganda and there are speculations that he could face life imprisonment.

The first question that comes in my mind is; why could such a brilliant citizen of this country be sent to rot in jail? Those who deserve to be jailed are the officials who certified the forged documents because if they could not identify the forgeries then, that means they cannot hold such offices.

Most people may not realize, but this man is actually a talented man who could be employed by the same bank where he allegedly stole money; he could be helpful in capturing other brilliant guys like him who intend to use the same tricks.

There is a popular saying which goes: “Set a former thief to catch a thief.” I know of one notorious robber in Lira district during my childhood days who after being arrested he got employed in the Uganda Police and he abandoned robbery. His absorption into Uganda Police smoothened operations for the police as he aided in the fishing out of his former confidants since he knew the hideouts and the tactics of the thieves and robbers who were terrorizing the urban inhabitants of Lira district.

I don’t support theft but I really support brilliant minds and there are some categories of thieves who deserve special attention because sending them to the coolers is a waste of talent which could be beneficial to our country. In fact, I congratulate that man for being very intelligent because where this county has reached, smart stealing may be the way to go since others steal trillions and they are left to be at large without facing the law.

After all, the guy only stole 1.6 billion Ugandan shillings and yet there are others who have stolen trillions of US dollars, but still Uganda never collapsed. The government should concentrate on bigger issues instead of wasting time convicting a genius who murdered nobody, but the crime he committed was using his brains to acquire what he wished for.

I believe his teachers are somewhere smiling for a job well done in bringing up such an intellect who could be mistaken to be carrying some fragments of DNA from a famous scientist, Albert Einstein.

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