Covid-19 catch-22: Private school teacher kills wife of four children over her salary

By Fred Siminyu

Mbale—24, July 2020: Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the private sector and most hit has been private school proprietors and their staff.

Since the school owners have no source of income, they have decided not to pay their staff who are now jobless and surviving on God’s mercy with the uncertainty of having next meals.

As a result, having stayed all this long without pay, a frustrated private secondary school teacher in Mbale district has beaten his wife to death for refusing to share out her salary with him.

Samuel Mafabi, a teacher at Nakaloke Integrated Secondary School in Mbale district, turned against his wife, Nekesa Christine, a mother of four who has been a teacher at Nabyonga, a government aided primary school in the same district and literally “pounded” her to death.

Residents report that whereas Mafabi has not been earning during this lockdown because he teaches in a private school, his wife who works in a government school has been getting payment.

A source, too close to the distressed family, tells this publication that the deceased has been taking all the money she earns back home to her mother in Pallisa district.

Another resident who claims to know the couple very well, but preferred to speak under anonymity, told this digital publication that Mafabi defiled and impregnated Nekesa at a tender age when she was in senior two at a certain school in Palisa district.

“… and after birth, the parents sent her away from home,” a source added.

“Later, the girl went to this man’s rental room and became a housewife. He paid school fees for her until she completed her secondary school and joined a primary teachers college where she got a Certificate and later a Diploma in primary education,” she (source) says.

Later, TND News was told that she got a job as a teacher on the government payroll at Nabyonga primary school.

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