Scorecard: Lango’s best and worst MPs in the 10th Parliament 

Otuke County MP Julius Acon is seeking reelection.

Lango—23, July 2020: Ahead of the 2020 general polls, voters will have to make a decisive choice in order to elect performing leaders and pro-people representatives to parliament.

Every after five years, voters are tasked to elect their leaders countrywide to different legislative assemblies—parliament is the topmost decision making house.

In parliament, representatives (MPs) from different districts (sub-regions) are elected and their performances recorded by both government and independent organisations.

Africa Leadership Institute (ALI) is one of the organisation who follows parliament’s proceedings, records and appraise each Members of Parliament over a period.

Releasing the Parliamentary Scorecard 2018/2019 report on Thursday morning in Kampala, Hon. David Pulkol, the ALI executive director, said most Ugandans do not know the mandate of the MPs they elect.

He also announced best performers, top among many is Honourable Betty Aol Ocan, the Leader of Opposition, who’s also the Gulu District Woman MP.

Others are Minister Sarah Opendi, Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze, among other female leaders.

Best and worst Lango MPs

1. Atim Ogwal Cecilia, FDC (Dokolo Woman MP) – 93.7

2. Odur Johnathan, UPC (Erute South) – 93.1

3. Okot Ogong Felix, NRM (Dokolo South) – 85.3

4. Ayoo Tonny, NRM (Kwania) – 78.6

5. Alum Santa Ogwang, UPC (Oyam Woman MP) – 75.2

6. Obua Hamson, NRM (Ajuri, Alebtong) – 72.7

7. Aceng Jane Ruth (Minister of Health) – 71.0

8. Amule Doreen Ruth, NRM (Amolatar Woman MP) – 69.0

9. Atim Joy Ongom, UPC (Lira Woman MP) – 68.1

10. Okello Anthony, NRM (Amolatar) – 65.4

11. Alyek Judith, NRM (Kole Woman MP) – 54.0

12. Ocan Patrick, UPC (Apac Municipality) – 48.8

13. Amongi Betty, UPC (Oyam South) – 47.6

14. Okwir Sammuel, NRM (Alebtong) – 46.6

15. Acon Julius Bua, NRM (Otuke) – 44.4

16. Awor Betty Engola, NRM (Apac Woman MP) – 36.5

17. Akello Silvia, NRM (Otuke Woman MP) – 30.4

18. Angiro Charles Gutmoi, FDC (Erute North) – 25.2

19. Akena James Michael, UPC (Lira Municipality) – 21.7

20. Akora Maxwell, UPC (Maruzi) – 17.7

21. Achen Christine Ayo, NRM (Alebtong Woman MP) – 16.0

22. Okello P Charles Engola, NRM (Oyam North) – 15.1

23. Ocen Peter, UPC (Kole South) – 11.7

24. Okello Bonny Desales, NRM (Kole North) – 1.8

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