Lira Woman MP race: UPC’s Ongom picks nomination forms to retain seat

MP Joy Atim Ongom with UPC National chairman Lawrence Okae on Friday.

Lira—18, July 2020: As 2021 general “scientific or digital” polls draw nearer, Lira district Woman MP seat race is predicted to be the toughest political quest in years.

So far, three distinguished women are among many, vying for the seat currently occupied by the Uganda People Congress (UPC) party’s Joy Atim Ongom. This is Atim’s second term as a woman representative in Parliament.

Among those who have shown interest are; Agnes Linda Auma who in 2016 elections came second after she was defeated narrowly by Atim because of what she and her supporters say was because of “President Museveni’s unexpected statement against Lango animal compensation”.

The president who was addressing his last rally at (Lira Mayor’s Garden), Lira Municipality, said there was no money to compensate Lango animal claimants. Linda Auma, who was translating the President’s speech, almost ‘fainted’. This was how she got defeated.

Another prominent aspirant for the same seat, who will have to go through NRM party primary polls with Linda Auma, is Uganda’s Health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng.

Dr Aceng aspiration to vie for Lira district Women MP seat shocked many in the opposition and the sub-region the same.

This digital publication was prior told that the ‘majority’ of NRM cadres in Lira district were pushing for Dr Aceng’s acceptance to vie for the MP seat.

To the cadres, it is only Minister Aceng who will help them reclaim Lira district from UPC dominance.

“You know, Linda is such an ambitious and hardworking politician but, in 2016, the President soiled her profile before entire Lango. The issue of animal compensation is still annoying many of us,” a member of Lira district NRM party told TND News, Saturday morning.

He added: “We courted Dr Jane because first, she has an impressive record. She has stood up during this moment of Covid-19, and the entire Lango is proud of her. She can reclaim Lira district Woman MP seat for us—from UPC.”

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Joy Atim Ongom, who is determined to reclaim her Legislative office amid weights from the NRM party, on Friday picked her nomination forms from UPC headquarters in Kampala.

“Hon. Atim Joy Ongom picks party nomination forms for Woman MP Lira district, from UPC National Secretariat. She was received by party national chairman Comrade Okae Lawrence,” Faizo Muzeyi, UPC’s head of communication, Twitted.

A fortnight ago or more, UPC President, Jimmy Akena Obote who’s also the Lira Municipality MP, while appearing on NBS TV said he will ensure UPC retains Lira district woman MP seat. Publication’s WhatsApp No. + 256 752 169 448.

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