Dr. Dan Okello speaks: “I’m unopposed, Akena’s presidency is illegitimate”

Dr Dan Okello talked to TND News lengtheir on Wednesday evening. Courtesy photo.


Kampala—8, July 2020: Less than 12 hours after Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party electoral commission chairman declaring Jimmy Akena unopposed for his second term as party president, a congressman who has been his critic for years has come out to oppose “everything”.

Dr Dan Okello, who has been the Lira district UPC Chairman under Dr John Olara Otunu’s tenure, has spoken to this publication extensively about UPC affairs and his presidential ambitions.

Mr Okello, alongside fifty others, is also interested to unseat incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni come 2021 polls. In a phone interview with TND News on Wednesday evening, says he was “unopposed as UPC party flag bearer before Akena”.

Mr Akena was declared by the other division of the party’s electoral commission under chairman, Hajji Kazimbiraine Mahmoud as unopposed, after three of the contenders “could not meet electoral requirements”.

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Dan Okello, who’s loyal to Peter Walubiri and calls the latter “a legitimate UPC party president,” said: “I had an opportunity to talk to Jimmy Akena and I told him it was necessary to bring UPC together. I told him it would be okay to pick nomination forms from Ishaa Otto Amiza because it was free. I also discussed with him the advantages UPC would get if we were to re (unite) but later he didn’t respond to me.”

 “Soon, I became unopposed as a legitimate UPC presidential flag-bearer for 2021 polls and I have support from Mr Walubiri team,” he added.

Asked about Wednesday’s event in which Akena was declared unopposed pending delegates’ approval next month, Okello responded: “Before, Akena was taken to Court and Court found him not a legitimate leader of UPC. He went to Court of Appeal and the same Court is yet to come out with a judgement in his favour.”

If a Court can rule that he’s illegitimate, why should he hold a flag? He appealed but nothing favouring him yet, Okello states, adding, “Mr Walubiri has written to Electoral Commission over UPC matter and we are yet to get their response.”

According to Okello Dan, Peter Walubiri is the acting UPC party president, adding that “UPC is yet to get a full-time party president after the demise of Joseph Bossa.”

“Time has come for Peter Walubiri to organise a delegates’ conference so that we elect a new party president. The party constitution demands that a party president is elected after five years and Akena’s tenure, if we are to say much about it, his tenure ended a long time ago,” Dan continues.

Asked about his bigger aspirations, and readiness as a contestant for the country’s presidency come 2021 polls, the former Makerere University lecturer sounded: “I am very much prepared. I have moved to every part of the country, shared my manifesto and people have liked it, including Ugandans in the Diasporas.”

He also tells TND News that he predicts massive win for him against President Museveni who has been mishandling and giving no hopes to farmers for decades.

“Farmers are alongside me to the general polls. Why? I have stood with them, i have taken this government to Court for breaching the Maputo Protocol, and my manifesto gives bigger hopes to all farmers. 80 percent of their votes are mine,” Dr Okello on his predetermined victory.

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“Farmers in Uganda will give me their votes and I will defeat Museveni and they are aware Dr Okello has been standing strong for their aspirations and welfare. I’m confident I will win the Presidential election,” he emphasised.

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