Oyam: LDUs involved in brutal killing have testified, awaits judgment Tuesday

The suspects before a Court Martial on Tuesday.


Kamdini—7, July 2020: The court martial taking place in Amati trading center, Kamdini sub-county in Oyam district is probing two LDUs and one UPDF soldier who stormed the area on the 27th June and beat up civilians leaving one dead.

The three suspects were apprehended and investigated by police and army before being produced before the court martial.

The court martial which started on Friday 3, July this year is expected to conclude today (Tuesday) with passing of judgments by the 5th division chairman, Col Paul Omara.

The three suspects, RA 193 669 Lance Cpl Ogwang Godfrey 42 years, AX 028 496 Private Okumu Francis 20 yrs and AX 028 741 Private Opoka Thomas Jolly 22years  were produced by defense council Lt Abubakar Nyombi  as witnesses and testified before the honorable court martial.

In his testimony, Lance Cpl Ogwang Godfrey who said he was the commander of the five LDUs, upon their arrival at police in Kamdini reveals the O.C ASP Mzee Faizal only informed them of the patrol to be done up to Nora trading centre (Kampala-Gulu highway).

He said the O.C told them to start moving towards that direction while he would arrange for transport and get them on the way. He said after moving for about 45 mins they reached a trading center which they learnt later it was Amati trading centre. 

When they were approaching the center at about 6:15 pm, the crowd gathered and doing different businesses at the centre took off upon seeing them; he said. They only managed to get some three people in a local restaurant, a woman and two men.

According to Ogwang, he got some other guy who claimed to be the chairman of the trading centre and was asking him where Nora trading center was when suddenly he had screams in the restaurant and ordered whoever was in the facility to come out, only to see one of his own, a one Opoka Thomas Jolly coming out with three people a woman and two men who were inside.

He said he had not told any of his men to carry out any execution. He said when he saw Opoka with these people he told him to take them to him; then he ordered them to sit down. Among the three people was a Mzee he said according to his analysis he seemed not fine.

Then suddenly a Mzee who seemed not fine fell down with a lot of saliva filled in his mouth. He asked the man who claimed to be the chairman of the trading centre to rush the old man to a near health facility.

Okumu Francis, 20 years old, the second witness on defense side and also a suspect said upon reaching Amati, the people had scattered; they got three people in the restaurant and his commander told him to go behind the restaurant so that no one escape. He said he heard cries in the restaurant and their commander inquired to know what was happening in the restaurant. He said after his commander seeing Opoka with these people; he ordered him to take them to him.

Opoka Thomas Jolly, 22, and a third witness also a suspect said he was told to check out the restaurant by his commander and when he entered the local restaurant, he got a man whom they learnt later was called Ogwang lying under the table.

Opoka admitted before the honorable martial court to have used his legs to lightly kick the Mzee because to him, the mzee seemed asleep or dead and he wanted to find out whether he was still alive.

He said then that the mzee responded that he was still alive and begged him, Opoka to spare his life. He said, then he ordered them all out of the facility and led them to his commander.

The prosecutor Lt Alex Rasto Mukwana and the defense counsel Lt Abubakar Nyombi attended the session. Last judgment is today Tuesday and sessions are ongoing.

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