Lira chair says ‘locals pressuring me’: Alot wants Lira renamed Erute district

Lira LC5 Chair Alex P.R Oremo Alot. File photo.

Lira—7, July 2020: The Lira district Local Council (LC5) Chairman Patrick Robert Alex Oremo Alot says there is a possibility of renaming Lira district that has birthed five other districts.

Speaking from his office at Lira district chambers opposite Lira Central Police Station, the UPC man said he has been confronted with several questions from the locals who are demanding answers on where the district headquarters will be moved to pave way for Lira City which comes into operations in July 2021.

“Many people have come to my office asking me, chairman, where shall we relocate our district headquarters since Lira City will take over most of our properties?” Oremo tells Journalists.

He explains that shifting the Lira district headquarters will be a matter before the district council to determine, but suggests it could come with a change in name.

“We shall have to set up a committee comprising technocrats because I don’t want the process to be politicised, and they will carry out research on the suitable site to relocate the district and then report to council for determination,” he said Tuesday.

According to Oremo, it would be proper to rename Lira to be called “Erute district” to differentiate it from Lira City, Lira City West and Lira City West Divisions something akin to Wakiso district which encompasses Kampala City Council Authority and also falls under Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area.

He called on the community to embrace the new challenges and opportunities that might come with the new city status.

Mr Alot asked for collaboration with leaders for establishment of new administrative units.

Lira, Ngetta, Iwal and Adekowkok sub-counties have all been annexed by a council resolution and have now become part of the new Lira City.

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