Op-ed: The Security forces should use common sense where it’s due

A man arrested by joint security forces being beaten. Courtesy photo.


By Olet Stephen Charles

Kampala—4, July 2020: Dear Editor, it is very unfortunate that the security forces in our beloved country have started to behave like robots which don’t have inborn common sense and only act according to way they are programed by the manufacturers or operators. 

On many occasions, the police and the LDUs have failed to apply common sense while implementing the presidential orders regarding the prevention and control of Covid-19 and hence some people devised a saying that: “It does not matter what the public have heard from the presidential address but it only matters what the LDUs have understood.”

Last week, I witnessed the police stopping people from going to town because they had no masks, then I started wondering where the people are supposed to buy masks from if they are not allowed to access the points where the masks are sold in town.

People may want to wear masks, but if they are not allowed to go to town to buy the masks, then there is no way of acquiring masks since the masks are not manufactured nor sold at people’s homes.

Earlier, private cars were allowed to move, there were scenarios where the security forces were stopping pregnant women in labor from accessing the hospital on grounds that private vehicles were restricted from moving not until the president gave orders that expectant women in labor should be allowed to access the hospital. But I guess a good number of women had already delivered from home because of fear of being intercepted on the way by LDUs.

A lot of things could go wrong by mothers delivering at home in the hands of unqualified people just because the security forces had failed to apply common sense while executing their duties.

The brutality which has been expressed by the security forces ever since the incidence of Covid-19 has caused a section of the public to have bad blood for them which sparked anger from some individuals leading to injury on some members of the security forces who could have been innocent.

For example, a bodyguard to the RDC of Amuru district lost one of his eyes to one resident who took the law in his hands.

The author is a concerned citizen.

Email: stecho36@gmail.com

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