2021 polls: Dan Matsiko on opposition intrigue and betrayals within

Dan Matsiko addressing Journalists in Kampala early this year. Photo Courtesy


By Matsiko Dan

Kampala—2, July 2020: Indeed, creeping plants cannot lead in a forest call it a country.  I find Chairman Norbert Mao’s statement pregnant with a lot of meaning. Uganda cannot be led by a very immature and unprincipled person like (People Power) leave alone the media hype you see around.

Let him (Bobi Wine) ask Amama Mbabazi and his team in 2015/2016. Two, Gen. Mugisha Muntu in 2017 during the FDC party presidential elections.

 I resigned my job abroad in 2015 and came here to ensure Mugisha Muntu does not get a second term at the helm of FDC. I funded a nationwide campaign and by the end of 24-11-2017 at Namboole, our mission was accomplished. Muntu had been denied a second term as a president of FDC. Furiously, he stormed out of Namboole to form his opposition political party called ANT.

Much as our presidential campaign is to remove the NRM regime from power, but we cannot replace it with excitable fellows, anarchists and comedians. The ideals of our forefathers and political leaders before and during independence of this country must be protected jealously.

They never dreamt that this country at one moment in time would be led by a comedian like the People Power excitable wannabe President!!! Not in my name, not the name of my party FDC.

Not in the opposition fraternity I belong to since 1998 to date. It will be ugly in the coming days. Watch this space! Ask my immediate political victims Muntu and Amama Mbabazi.

Dan Matsiko is my name and I speak in the name of nationalists, NFT visionaries plus FDC party I with other upright Ugandans built from scratch to be the largest opposition party since 2004 to date.

We can’t celebrate mediocrity after NRM regime is out of power. I will not be privy to fake political marriages of convenience with Besigye and Kyagulanyi brought about by evil and dark forces. Whoever wants to be endorsed by the FDC party must first join the party officially and work harder from bottom to top structures.

The worst president of FDC is Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi, he is not principled too. How can a serious party leader be sworn in twice? At Namboole immediately after polls in the early hours of the night. Secondly, at an open function inside the headquarters of FDC.

The huge and grave mistake was, Amuriat instead of recognizing his opponents in the race, he simply thought he was running against Mugisha Muntu and Bobi Wine. Totally out of order. How do you allow Bobi Wine to speak in a swearing ceremony where your party members and opponents are invited?

Moses Byamugisha and Dan Matsiko were not on the program but Bobi Wine, a non-member of FDC was allowed to speak on the second swearing in ceremony of Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi.

From that very day, Amuriat has never met his opponents to agree on anything, no wonder, Matsiko and Byamugisha are already cleared as independent aspiring candidates by the EC chaired by Justice Simon Mugenyi Byamukama to consult Ugandans ahead of 2021 polls.

Mugisha Muntu is also cleared by his ANT party to battle it out with Matsiko, Byamugisha, Bobi Wine and others, including both Kizza Besigye and Yoweri Museveni.

2021 poll is to strengthen or break FDC. We will not allow liars and unprincipled leadership of the opposition. Uganda deserves upright leaders as per the ideals of our founding fathers, not fake leaders out of fake alliances crafted at the eleventh hour.  Say no to conmen in the opposition.

The author is the New Form of Thinking (NFT) leader and an aspiring presidential candidate in the coming 2021 polls.

Contacts: 0781478286, 0757175741, Email: matsikodan584@gmail.com.

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